Behind The Scenes Titanic Expo Launch

Behind The Scenes Media Launch

Last week was the “Behind The Scenes Media Launch” of the Titanic Exhibition and, for me, it was a chance to re-watch Titanic and then understand a bit more of the history of the voyage and the lives of the people on board.

Behind The Scenes Titanic Expo Launch

And it’s all in the details. I love the boarding pass as you walk in, the screening of the movie Titanic that plays quietly in the corner and the quiet, dark, calm atmosphere of the exhibition. And my favourite part of the Titanic Expo? The champagne bottles of course, but it’s just a pity they’re empty…

If you’re looking for something to keep the children busy this holiday – The Titanic Exhibition is a great place to go and if you need some help with the littlies, check out!

Titanic Expo Artifacts

From the Titanic Expo press release:

This world-class exhibit replete with real artifacts from the doomed ship, offers visitors a fascinating insight into this beguiling yet tragic tale as it takes up residence at the WaterShed until March 2016.

With a focus on the compelling human stories aboard the ship, the exhibition features real artifacts recovered from the wreckage, as well as meticulously recreated interiors of the 1st and 3rd Class passenger rooms, and a recreated real ice replica of the iceberg that brought her down.

Upon entering Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, you will be drawn back in time to April 1912, when the ship embarked on its maiden voyage. Visitors will receive a replica boarding pass, assume the role of a passenger and follow the chronological journey of life on Titanic – from the ship’s construction, to life on board, the famous sinking, and the modern day efforts to recover and conserve the wreckage for future generations.

For more information:

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At the Titanic Expo with Baby and Alex

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