Sometimes when I feel like I’m getting a little set in my ways I like to shake it up a little and step outside my comfort zone.  So this weekend I embarked upon an epic journey – all the way from Greenpoint to Woodstock. Yes –  not a huge leap out of the comfort zone – but baby steps… 🙂

The Neighbourhood Goods Market is always a goodie, but since I have a problem with early mornings and madding crowds it’s hard for me to find time when it makes sense to be there.  So instead we went across to The Bromwell and Bread.  And it is super cool.

A converted hotel now renovated is a “Boutique Mall” with trendy stuff (fashion, art, jewellery and decor).  The Bromwell is upstairs and is uber-chic with touch screen displays on the walls for browsing the prices and descriptions of the various pieces.  There are no shop assistants so that shoppers “feel free”.  But they don’t want you feeling too free – at the entrance you give them a copy of your ID to ensure nothing goes missing.  I hate being followed by shop assistants so I’m not complaining – it’s a great idea!

Bread, this is the downstairs area, describe themselves on their business card as “Cafe – Boulangerie – Deli” and it’s trendy and lovely with a great bread selection, some sweet treats and big area for enjoying a cup of coffee.

They’ve got lots of “no Photo” signs around the place so you best get down there yourself to check it out…  It’s well worth the visit (even if just for the novelty of sipping champagne while scrolling through the touch-screen shopping options!)

Have a look at their websites for more info:

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