2018 Goals & My Word For The Year

2018 goals

I love how the start of a new year is a line in the sand – an opportunity to do better, take stock of where you are and dream a bit about where you would like to be.


2017 was a busy year for me, we welcomed our second boy and, with a gap of only 17 months, I’ve had my hands full with these two little guys.


There’s a book that I read once a year by Grechen Rubin called “The Happiness Project” and, while it may seem a bit trite, it is the one ‘self-help’ book that I can wholeheartedly recommend (and the one book that I often gift to friends and family). She covers various aspects of your life that contribute to your happiness. And the one thing that I was reminded of as I re-read her book over Christmas, is that as a mother, you are the barometer of how well your family is doing. There is no point giving everything you have to make the rest of your family happy if the cost is that you are depleted and unhappy. Said differently: your partner and children need you to be happy in order for them to be happy. If you are at breaking point it is almost impossible for them to be in a good space.

Healthy choices

I’ve thought a lot about what I want out of 2018, and the word that I’ve chosen for the year is Healthy. It applies to all areas of my life – I want to make choices that give me some space, taking time out to go for manis and pedis every couple of months, making space to blog, making healthier food choices and sleeping 8 hours a night. I want to spend time with each of my boys once a week, and maybe a sneaky date night with my husband every second week! I also want this word to dictate how I approach my physical wellness. So I’ve set the ambitious goal of 1 yoga session and 2x 5km runs every week. Considering that I have done very little physical activity for the past year, it’s going to take all my gees to get into a good rhythm.


My Main Focus Areas for 2018 Around the word “Healthy”:


1. Eating Well

2. Exercising Regularly

3. Making Time For Myself

4. Quality Time with the Boys


Time with my boys

I’m really fortunate to have a couple of amazing brand partners that helping to make this all possible:

FitKey –

I love this concept – the freedom to choose whatever type of class you want, whenever you want it. I’ve used FitKey and I’m working with them as a brand Ambassador for the next 6 months. I’m using the Fitkey 5 Plan (5 classes per month) because I don’t want to over-commit. When you’re starting from a base of 0, 1 class a week is a lot! (If you’re keen to give them a try, use my referral code: kathfitkey to get 50% off your first month)

McQueens –  

When it comes to beauty treatments, McQueens is my go-to spot. They’re based in the heart of Seapoint and have a great calm interior which gives you the breathing room you need in a busy day. Last year I didn’t have much time to focus on me, so I’m committed to a little bit of pampering every month or two just to reset and remind myself that I also have needs and it’s ok to look after my self too!

Broads Hair –

I find that when I’m feeling down or having an ugly day, the best remedy is a trip to my stylist. I’m working with Broads Hair as a Brand Ambassador and I’m already loving the condition of my hair (and Wanita does GREAT highlights!)


I’m wishing you all the best for 2018, go and be awesome!

Kath xxx

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