If you’re one of those people who are always seeking enriching life experiences, long-term travel should be on your bucket list. This trip won’t just help you try new activities or experience other cultures, but it’s also an amazing and fun way to make yourself a stronger and better individual. Some people travel the globe for one to two years, while others choose to explore for just about three to six months. But it actually depends on you.

Long-term travel is also about freedom. As long as you’re prepared for the trip, you can travel the world for months or years and with or without a travel buddy. Speaking about being prepared, long-term travel requires extensive planning. You’ve already seen and read guides about what essentials to pack or what beautiful places to visit. Here, we’ll get deeper into the least talked about things about preparing and surviving long-term travel. Check out our tips below.

Obtain long term travel insurance

Ignoring the importance of travel insurance can lead to stressful problems that can completely jeopardize your awaited long-term trip. Unfortunate events and accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, and having good travel insurance can protect you from potential financial loss. In general, it covers medication or health treatment, loss of baggage, emergency passport or cash replacement, and even helps you with flight delays and cancellations.

Long-term travel insurance works almost the same as short-term ones, with the coverage length being the main difference. Also, you can typically buy long-term insurance outside your own country and possibly extend or renew it while you’re traveling in foreign countries. When purchasing one, decide the type of coverage you’re getting. There’s insurance for flight, baggage, cancellation, medical, and evacuation. Be sure to understand the limitations and perks of your cover and check if it’s appropriate for the places you’ll be visiting and the type of trip you’re taking.

Earn money before and during the trip

You’ve probably saved enough money to fund your long-term travel, but what happens next? When opting for such a trip, you have two major choices: you can survive with your pre-departure savings or work while traveling. If you pick the first option, focus on proper financial planning. Before you think about stepping a foot on the plane, be sure you’ve got your travel fund, personal savings, and an emergency fund in check.

But apart from your savings, it’s always best to create a new job that you can do while traveling. This is particularly crucial if you’re planning to quit your job and travel for longer. You can write for websites about the amazing destinations you’ve visited, exotic cuisines you’ve tried, or location-independent jobs. Use your creative talents like soap making or painting and sell your work on online sites like Etsy.

Find or do your hobbies

While there are tons of external things and activities to explore when traveling, don’t forget to still do things that are good for your body, mind, and soul. Make time for things that you love and make you happy and relaxed. If you’re into literature, spend several minutes or a few hours writing in your journal or reading a new book. If you love pastry or baking, try creating new frostings or cake recipes and get hand-crafted animal toppers for a change. If you’re into music, why not learn to play a new instrument you can enjoy? Find hobbies that keep your mind and body active and your soul happy.

Stop for a while

If you’re planning to travel for many months or a few years, do not forget to stop for a while. Have a one-day break for complete rest. Avoid traveling and moving all the time, as these can only suck your energy down to the core. Find an amazing place to stop by. You can rent an entire bungalow or just a room and do things normally for a while. Take care of your physical and mental health by taking a day off. You’ll be surprised by how much energized and exciting you’ll be for your next adventures.

Long-term travel does come with amazing benefits and unforgettable experiences. You get to have a deeper understanding of various cultures, learn new languages and skills, build new relationships, and chase the best seasons or weather. Besides that, traveling for a longer period allows you to dump your materialistic lifestyle and live simply and more intentionally. Be sure to follow our tips so you can have a more remarkable trip!

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