Traveling has become a hobby for many. Exploring novel spots in different countries discovering new environments and cultures, and trying out exciting cuisines. But while traveling can be a thrilling experience, it’s important not to neglect the safety and health precautions you should be taking. The problem is, safety and health are huge topics when it comes to traveling. Many adventurers still don’t take them seriously.

While it is pretty impossible to prevent any incidents or emergencies, there are always ways to prepare yourself. So whether you are a first-time traveler or just a reckless, spontaneous one, the tips below can help you minimize the risk of unfortunate events that can happen during your trip.

Plan well and travel light

Let’s be honest here; most travelers primarily focus on researching the famous and appealing spots that will look great for their pictures. But have you ever doneresearch about which areas are best considered safe and which are not? What about the crime or incident rates in the city where you booked your accommodation? Do your research on the things that matter to your safety and health during the trip rather than focusing on which are the best spot to take pictures.

Moreover, traveling light is one of the oldest rules in traveling, but it still is important. Always plan for minimum necessities so you can have a stress-free exploration. Avoid pounds of luggage that can cramp your body and muscles. Packing light will not just relax your mind but also keep your body happy.

Learn the language

If you plan to stay in your travel destination for a longer time, it’s always recommended to learn their local language as much as you can. For instance, if you are visiting South America, take note that not many can speak English. You are more likely to be lost in translation if you can’t speak or understand Spanish. Many experienced backpackers recommend this as it is handy during unexpected incidents. If you have been robbed and hurt, you’ll need to talk to the police and doctors to explain what happened. There are many language learning apps out there that can help you achieve a good basic level in just a few months.

Pay attention to hygiene

With the current pandemic, personal hygiene and immunity have become more vital than ever. You can maintain good personal hygiene by simple habits of using hand sanitizer and washing your hands. Furthermore, pay attention to germ zones. These include your hotel room’s sinks, toilets, and remote controls, as well as tray tables and armrests on airplanes. Make it a habit to wipe them using wipes. For extra protection, it’s best to pack a basic first aid kit with you. The kid should include an antibiotic ointment, motion sickness remedy, anti-itch cream, allergy medicine, flu, and cold relief medicine, thermometer, and rehydration tablets.

Travel in numbers

As much as some of us love traveling solo, having people go with you on exploring is always better for safety reasons. Traveling in a group is said to create a more intimidating physical presence that can keep predators away, especially if you’re going to a foreign country. If you are looking to attend a matchmaking event, local festival, or go clubbing, be sure to go with a friend. In case you want or need to go alone, at least inform your travel buddies or family where you’re going. Or better yet, choose a reputable matchmaker service or club in the area. Lastly, splurge on extra safety like paying for a taxi or booking reliable transportation services when commuting.

Be smart with your money

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that skimming is a widespread practice anywhere in the globe. Many ATMs today can be easily manipulated wherein your card’s data will be copied unnoticed. ATMs are typically skimmed in public areas like malls and during off-peak hours. That said, it is safer to withdraw money inside banks during business hours.

At the same time, do not forget to inform your bank where you are going. Surely, you don’t want your card to be blocked when you withdraw overseas because your bank thinks you’re a thief, right? If you’re lucky, your bank’s fraud detection team will send a confirmation regarding irregular transactions on your card.

Exploring new places and experiences is considered the essence of the human spirit. But no matter how thrilling that adventure and travel, it is vital to always be prepared for any. With proper planning and ingenuity, you cannot only get the best out of your trip but also feel more rested and safer at all times.

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