A Night of Luxury in Paternoster at Abalone House

Abalone House

Abalone HouseYou know that you have something special lined up when you tell your friends about your plans and they all respond with “Ooh, I’ve been wanting to go there!” That’s how it was for us in the couple of weeks leading up to our night away in Paternoster where we stayed at Abalone House and Spa. Everyone that we mentioned it to had heard about the five star guesthouse and had either been there or really wanted to go. So, lucky us!


It’s only a 90 minute drive from Cape Town, but it’s far enough to put some distance between you and your every day life and once you’re there, the peaceful seaside town and the eclectic, opulent design of the guesthouse work together seamlessly to transport you to your best version of yourself.


The little town of Paternoster is, in my opinion, best visited in winter – as long as you have access to a fireplace and a beautiful view of the ocean. And Abalone House offers that and more. Add to the experience a beautiful Healing Earth Spa and a Reuben’s restaurant, this is a perfect place to relax for a couple of nights and get away from the busyness of Cape Town.



The Accommodation at Abalone House

We loved the Gustav Klimt-inspired decor – lavish, opulent and so comfortable. The beds are HUGE and the port decanter is a perfect touch for a chilly winter evening.


We didn’t get a chance to try the Jacuzzi which overlooks one of Paternoster’s pristine beaches, so we’ll have to come back again!

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Reuben’s Restaurant

Abalone House - 3Dinner at Reuben’s

A trip to one of Reuben’s restaurants is always a highlight for me. At Reuben’s at Abalone House outdid themselves. We often struggle to eat a 3 course meal so I opted for 2 starters and dessert. My partner is made of sterner stuff that I am and he opted for the 3 course option.



Between us we had the Prawn and zucchini starter, the seared steak starter and the Chilli Salt Squid which, along with the pork belly, is always on the Reuben’s menu, regardless of which restaurant you visit. Both the prawn and squid options were unbelievably delicious, the batter on the squid was perfection, managing to be both light and crisp. The prawn and zucchini with basil and tomato was juicy and flavourful.



My partner opted for the steak, a risky choice as he is a rare meat man and restaurants in Cape Town have a horrible tenancy to overcook their meat. But the steak that arrived was perfect – and my partner was happy to say that it was the best steak that he had had in recent history (at least 8 years!)



Both choices were, again, sublime. My partner’s choice was the West Coast African Trio, chocolate truffles, almond vanilla ice cream, espresso & Voorkamer Pot Still Brandy. While mine was the beautifully plated cheesecake.

Abalone House - 1

Breakfast at Reuben’s

Our buffet breakfast was delicious! The fresh fruit, cheese and charcuterie spread was so tempting we almost didn’t have space to order off the breakfast menu. But we made a plan, sharing the perfectly cooked Eggs Benedict between us.


Abalone House

 width= width=All the Details

Abalone House is running a great winter getaway special at the moment – 2 nights accommodation including breakfast, a 3 course dinner at Reuben’s and a Healing Earth Spa treatment for  R1795 per person sharing per night. If you’re looking for some inspiration, head over to their facebook page and see what you have to look forward to.




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