Things to do in Cape Town

I Love The Cape Town Art Scene

I was fortunate enough to celebrate first Thursday with the trendy folk of Cape Town witnessing the newest art on display at various galleries around the inner city. My honest expertise on what’s great might not be a die hard art lovers favorite, but I’ll tell you this,  it’s what anyone with a good eye would say:

Our city has talent!

Things to do in Cape Town

Cape Town Inner City Awesomeness

The best part about experiencing the wonder that lies right under our noses is how easily it’s put out there once a month for all art lovers to enjoy. A walk down Bree, Long, Loop or Hope street is just one of the blissful things one could do while enjoying free wine at various places. The emphasis would be on free if none of you got it the first time and beware: it’s a temptation hard to ignore!


If you’re looking for a great piece then this particular night is the one you should most take part in. Assistance is on hand at the lift of a finger and you’re guaranteed to leave with something tasteful yet budget friendly.


The option to have your home evaluated before the purchase of a particular piece is offered to ensure the right piece fits into the area you desire and that the correct light and space is available to enhance your purchase. I really didn’t know that this was a requirement and glad to share this with all of you. It’s so important to give life to art and unfortunately that which is provided by Eskom is simply not enough. The brush strokes, lines, thickness and colour have specific lighting needs and if you’re investing in you’re first piece, it’s important to consider having an evaluation done so your money doesn’t go to waste. Pieces ranging from R5000 up to R50000 are sold all in one night and it’s a spectacular thing to think of the local profit made by our very own Van Goghs. This had become one of our most profitable means of self employment and thanks to continuous funding strives to bring upliftment in all communities.

I do hope all of you make your way down to the city at least once. You never know what you might find.
Any Other Cool Options?

We love First Thursdays, but Tuning the Vine is also an absolute winner, and there’s always the wine areas around Cape Town – like the Durbanville Wine Valley.Have a look at more Cape Town lifetsyle.

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