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Black Oystercatcher Triton 2014

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The Black Oystercatcher is a family-run wine farm at the cool tip of Africa. Our unique location and marginal soils help create our penetrating fruit flavours in our wines.

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The Triton 2014 is the ideal winter wine – with its remarkable minerality, and soft tannin on the palate complemented by a plump mouth feel and long finish. The wine pairs perfectly with hearty red meat and dark chocolate.

The varietals of this blend are 79% Shiraz, 19% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% MourvĂ©dre. They’re hand-picked and gently de-stemmed, then independently fermented, matured, aged in French oak for 12 months and meticulously blended. Alcohol: 13 %.

The person who is willing to take a long breath after a long day – sit by the fire, and sip a glass of heart-warming red wine. It’s a sophisticated wine, for a sophisticated wine and food lover.

The Triton 2014 offers a prominent white pepper on the nose with hints of dark fruits. Remarkable minerality and soft tannin on the palate are complemented by a plump mouth feel.

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Heather Dalton
+27 (028) 482 1618

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Cape Town Insiders’ Review Of The Wine

I loved the elegant branding of the Triton and the wine was excellent too! The Triton is a red blend made up of 79% Shiraz, 19% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% MourvĂ©dre from the The Black Oystercatcher wine farm. The cooler climate ensures that minerality and soft tannins are perfectly balanced – this is definitely a hearty winter wine that is best enjoyed in front of a fireplace.

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