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We love weddings, the romance, the flowers, the extravagant beauty – and all the dresses, photos, venues! This is our blogging version of pinterest (the other great source of wedding inspiration).

We’re building an exciting community of blogs and influencers from all over South Africa. In this section you’ll find many of South Africa’s top wedding blogs all of which are full of beautiful pictures, bridal inspiration and useful advice.

If you’re looking for something else, maybe one of the blogs and influencers in our community can help. We have curated lists of all our favourite South African lifestyle blogs, food blogs, beauty blogs, fashion blogs, mommy blogs, travel blogs and auto blogs.


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Life Retreat

Live - Embrace - Love - Cherish

Samantha Taylor

Our blog is a collaborative resource of all that is new, exciting and innovative! Furthermore, we deliver engaging content that ranges from luxury lifestyle to fashion, travel, fitness, food, design, wellness and all the latest trends.

In addition, we affiliate ourselves with the new and the different. We hope to deliver short, informative and easily digestible insightful articles.

  • Category: Auto, Beauty, Business, Creativity, Entertainment, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Lifestyle, Mommy, Sport, Tech, Travel, Wedding, Wellness
  • Location: Cape Town
  • Website: Life Retreat

f c f e f e f

Love, Love, Create On TwitterLove, Love, Create On FacebookLove, Love, Create On InstagramLove, Love, Create On Pinterest


Love, Love, Create

Karen Kelly

The lovilee blog is an multi-award winning blog filled with wedding inspiration, DIY tutorials, printables, home decor ideas and pretty parties. We also offer a lifestyle section and provide profile and expert advice articles on a regular basis. The blog is the creative outlet of Karen Kelly (kaRi), wifey and mommy by day and creative blogger by night.

  • Category: Creativity, Lifestyle, Wedding
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Website: Lovilee


A life wrapped up in luxury with confetti thrown over for good measure On TwitterA life wrapped up in luxury with confetti thrown over for good measure On FacebookA life wrapped up in luxury with confetti thrown over for good measure On YouTubeA life wrapped up in luxury with confetti thrown over for good measure On InstagramA life wrapped up in luxury with confetti thrown over for good measure On Pinterest

Pot Of Gold

A life wrapped up in luxury with confetti thrown over for good measure

Sheena Deepnarain

Pot of Gold began as a creative outlet for Sheena when she took a year off to travel and thus, Pot of Gold was founded in November 2016. A life wrapped up in luxury with confetti thrown over for good measure, her lifestyle blog – Pot of gold is aimed at people who have no apologies for living their best lives.
Primary topics include travel, fashion, health and beauty.

  • Category: Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Lifestyle, Travel, Wedding, Wellness
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Website: Pot Of Gold

Blue yellow sale story

Your Wedding Website On FacebookYour Wedding Website On InstagramYour Wedding Website On Pinterest

My Confetti Heart

Your Wedding Website

Kerry Snyman

Wedding Inspiration, DIY Weddings, Real Weddings, Wedding Vendors, Wedding Directory

Tulbagh Valley

Tulbagh Valley

A truly South African experience . . .

Sarah du Plessis

Inside guide to happenings in and around the small and charming Boland town of Tulbagh.

  • Category: Entertainment, Food, Lifestyle, Travel, Wedding
  • Location: Tulbagh
  • Website: Tulbagh Valley

Mooi Troues

Afrikaans Trou Inspirasie On TwitterAfrikaans Trou Inspirasie On FacebookAfrikaans Trou Inspirasie On InstagramAfrikaans Trou Inspirasie On Pinterest

Mooi Troues

Afrikaans Trou Inspirasie

Jaun Laubscher

Trou inspirasie in Afrikaans en Trougids

  • Category: Wedding
  • Location: Durbanville
  • Website: Mooi Troues

The Edge Search

The space for fresh information On TwitterThe space for fresh information On FacebookThe space for fresh information On YouTubeThe space for fresh information On Instagram

The Edge Search

The space for fresh information

Simon Mkhize

The Edge Search a space for fresh information News, Events, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Inspiration , Gossip and Funny

  • Category: Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Tech, Wedding
  • Location: Cape Town
  • Website: The Edge Search

Ci hkh wgaajtye

#beatmyblush On Twitter#beatmyblush On Facebook#beatmyblush On YouTube#beatmyblush On Instagram#beatmyblush On Pinterest



Ayanda Zandi Mkhize

Beat My Blush is a cosmetic blog but does not focus mainly on beauty cosmetics also on events, moms, wellness, creativity, lifestyle and healthy food.
Recommended by CapeTownInsider

Blogging is life

  • Category: Beauty, Business, Creativity, Lifestyle, Mommy, Wedding, Wellness
  • Location: Newcastle KZN
  • Website: ZaShandu


All services are available worldwide. On TwitterAll services are available worldwide. On Facebook


All services are available worldwide.

Justin van Straaten

IConcierge is a high end luxury lifestyle management and concierge service. Members of IConcierge enjoy the freedom of getting everything they like regardless of where they live. We have a policy of doing what we can for our members and to fulfill all member requests, we are the preferred service chosen by those who are keen to enjoy the very best life has to offer.

  • Category: Business, Entertainment, Food, Lifestyle, Tech, Travel, Wedding, Wellness
  • Location: Cape Town
  • Website: iConcierge

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