An Authentic Italian Experience in Cape Town

Delicious food. Vivacious staff. Interesting history. Unparalleled experience!

I could finish my review there however it is the details and personalized approach which truly pay homage to this delightful Cape Town Italian restaurant and I’d be remisce to exclude these.


Bocca (Italian for ‘mouth’) is a well established front runner favourite on the vibing Bree Street in Cape Town: a hub of upmarket restaurants and eateries. However with new owners Guido and Adnana Brambilla taking the lead, the space has come alive with a new energy, a deep passion for authentic Italian food in a casual yet stylish venue and an earnest desire to provide all who visit with a smile that is well imbued on their face.

Previously based in Bermuda, Guido and Adnana are ever present in the restaurant. They have intricately curated an interior that allows a casual interaction between visitors, whilst enjoying all that their menu has to offer. It’s almost impossible to commence proceedings without a timeless classic: the Aperol Spritz.

Bocca restaurant

In true Italian style, the menu is designed to be shared. It is split into the categories of Bites, Grains, Crispy, Pizzette, Arosti and Last Stop. It’s a must to engage the staff in one’s choices: they can suggest those dishes that are unique to Bocca, that display the creativity of Chef Guido. Since most dishes are smaller, it’s fair game to order many! After sitting with the lovely Adnana for some time, and after sharing life stories and interesting accounts of travel and degustation, she kindly helped us to design a most divine interplay of dishes.


Our suggestions below show what we thought were the highlights within each category!


  • Polpo: Atlantic octopus in a scrumptious basil pesto
  • Carpaccio: Yellow fin tuna enhanced in quality olive oil


  • Ortofritto: Zucchini, asparagus and artichokes crumbed to perfection


  • Amatriciana: Boseman guanciale, roasted cherry tomatoes, braised onions and pecorino cheese. This dish is famous for ‘swapping carbs with carbs’: a spin on the classic pasta sauce, now designed especially for the pizzette!


  • Lamb: 12 hours wood fired and roasted, a salivating moment

Last stop:

  • Tiramisu: Mascarpone cream, savoiardi biscuits and coffee to leave your palate truly satisfied

Naturally being Cape Town, it’s suggested to pair some fine South African wines and MCC with the above; likewise with the Italian influence, the completion coffee is also a must…

What a delightfully fun, informative, relaxed and happy space to visit. A definite Cape Town favourite!

Bocca italian


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