Time for a Pamper-Time Pick-Me-Up at Broads Hair

I love having a safe space to go when the day has been a bit much and you just need some time out. Other people go shopping or exercise, but for me, a bit of pampering and self-care goes a long way to making me feel recharged.

Broads ladies at work

Hair Colour

I’m really happy to have found a safe space for my hair, Wanita has done such a great job with my highlights – taking them down from SUPER-blonde to a much more natural colour that is manageable and makes me feel good.

Hair colour is such a personal journey. I’ve been trying for years to find a stylist that doesn’t over-highlight, because as great as barbie blonde locks look when you leave the salon, they don’t stay looking great, often turning brassy and almost always looks really dry and brittle.


Hair Style

Since my second child my hair’s been a bit weird with post-partum hair loss and a whole lot of new hair growth. At the moment it’s the shortest that it’s been in a long time but it’s in great condition and I love the style. It’s basically a long bob, all one length with a long fringe.


Thanks Wanita and the B Team, I’m so happy to have my hair in your safe hands!


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