There is no denying that the pandemic is causing too much stress to people from all walks of life. Social distancing makes it easy for us to feel lonely and depressed. We can no longer do our normal routine outdoors as it is no longer safe to do so. Thankfully, technology helps ease our stress in different ways.

For one, we can use this time to search for places to visit and things we can do once the COVID-19 crisis is over. If there is one place that deserves to be on your post-pandemic bucket list, then it has to be Cape Town. Whether you are out on a mission to go on a solo trip or take the date your trusty matchmaker recently paired you with, this breathtaking cosmopolitan will surely be your next favorite go-to paradise.

Must-visits and must-dos when on a solo Cape Town trip

Are you looking forward to going soul-searching in Cape Town? First, search for a safe place to stay. There are town accommodations available but since you’re going solo, it would be best to choose a cheap but safe place to stay. You can start exploring the city by renting a bike. Of course, it pays to search for the best routes to keep yourself safe while you are on your own.

If you want an untapped tourist spot, then include Muizenberg Beach on your list. The beach here is an active surfing spot that has become a local favorite. Coffee shops and restaurants are abundant in this area. You will surely enjoy the Blue Bird Garage if you are into great picks and hot bargains.

If you’re feeling a bit lonely or can use the company of other solo travelers, why not consider joining a group tour? You can enjoy an urban safari and get to learn about the different aspects that Cape Town has to offer. If you prefer a bit of a hike, then consider a free walking tour facilitated by a local expert guide.

What to do and where to take your date in Cape Town

Thinking of bringing a special someone with you on your trip to Africa? Then you will find tons of places and things to do for a romantic trip. And what better to spend a travel date than by taking your special someone to go on a wine tour? This is perfect if both of you are wine-enthusiasts and can handle the world-class nectar that Africa has to offer.

If your date is into Instagram, then add Bo Kaap neighborhood on your top places to visit. You can snap great photos together while visiting the colorful houses, historical spots, and vivid history this neighborhood has to offer. You can also surprise them with fun-filled activities like Seal Snorkeling, handicraft shopping, and exotic food-tasting. Be sure not to skip the traditional sightseeing bus tour to make the most out of your Cape Town date.

Indeed, Cape Town has tons of things to offer to both locals and tourists. Whether you’re planning to go alone or with a loved one, it does not matter. This paradise in Africa is one place you can dream of exploring once the COVID-19 crisis is over.

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