I’ve been thinking about sushi recently.  I’m not a sushi snob and I’m proud of it!  I love sushi but it doesn’t need to be Willoughby’s to make me happy.  Actually, when it comes to sushi, the pickled ginger and soy sauce are almost as important as the actual sushi.

I also don’t really understand why people ever pay full-price for sushi, if you plan a little you can always get good quality sushi half-price somewhere.  So, in my pondering, I thought I’d let you know my favourite sushi specials  – I’ll start with Salushi:

But anyway, their sushi special is awesome – its half price until 5pm and the place is pumping.  You can’t get a free table without booking.  And on a Friday you need to book a couple of days in advance.  The sushi, even at full price is comparable with most restaurants prices, but at half price it becomes really affordable.  The decor is simple and, because its summer, sitting outside under the umbrellas is great!

The sushi quality is really good – you can sit at the sushi bar and watch them making it if you’re worried.  And it’s not mass-produced which I really appreciate.

Also, if you can’t get there for lunch, they have 33% off sushi Sunday/Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Visit their website: www.salushi.com, and remember to book:  0216714271


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