Cape Town Winter Specials

A couple of months ago I did a post highlighting some of the best places to find restaurant specials in Cape Town – but with the onset of winter Cape Town restaurants have really upped their game and there are some really great options at affordable prices if you are willing to put in a little research.

 Cape Town Winter Specials

Cape Town Restaurant Specials for Winter

My Top 5 Cape Town Winter Special Websites:

Cape Town Winter Specials1. Whale Cottage always gets my vote – she knows the best places to eat, where the specials are and when there are new restaurants opening she’s always at the front of the queue! I like that all the specials are in one place so that you can just scroll down the list. Also worth noting is that the list is dominated by the more fancy restaurants.

Check out Chris’ Cape Town Winter Specials on her blog


Cape Town Winter Specials2. Table Magic is still a rather recent addition to the Cape Town foodie scene, but they have made quite a splash, I love that there specials are all updated with pretty pictures and they’ve made the booking process nice and easy with their big pink “book” button!

Check out their list of Cape Town Winter Specials on their site


Cape Town Winter Specials3. Food24 lists bar and restaurant specials, and I’ve been following them for as long as I can remember (they, along with Whale Cottage and Relax with Dax, kept me sane during some long boring work days). There list of specials isn’t the easiest to navigate but they often have a couple of different options.

Have a look at what Cape Town Winter Specials they have lined up here


Cape Town Winter Specials4. These guys are passionate about what they do. They take food blogging seriously, give in-depth and honest reviews and often have new content updated on their site. They also have their twitter feed updated with all the specials which is quite fun if you’re looking for some eating out inspiration.

Cape Town Winter Specials from Food Blog


Cape Town Winter Specials5. Then, my latest discovery (well re-discovery I suppose) is Eat Out, they’ve always got good content so I’ve had a look through their list for inspiration too and it’s pretty extensive. They also have a nifty little feature that allows you to search by province which means that if you’re travelling you’ll still have some options for restaurant specials.

This is the list of Cape Town Winter Specials from Eat Out 


Cape Town Winter Specials Worth Checking Out

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