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One Step From Casual to Chic


To be honest, I’m more of a slops and shorts kinda girl. I try to do better, but that’s my happy place. When Superbalist asked me how I do heels, my answer is generally “as little as possible”. But then I got to thinking – the great thing about heels is that you can be wearing pretty much anything, and suddenly you look evening-ready. So I’ve changed my answer – how I do heels is casual day outfits glammed up with a pair of heels for the perfect evening outfit.

Superbalist ShoesSuperbalist Heels

Shoe Shopping With Superbalist


Superbalist sent over a pair of heels with the instruction to have fun making them work for me, so that’s exactly what I did. The epicly crazy heels are probably the best way to get noticed on a night out! I’ve also realised that my wardrobe is about 500% neutral colours – black, white, navy and grey – so finding the right pair of heels has to fit in with that. These heels are perfect to pair with a relaxed comfortable short dress and black and silver accessories…


Lookpost Superbalist

In the pic:

Bag – Country Road

Dress – Overseas

Jewellery – Overseas

Shoes – Superbalist


This is my second pair of heels from Superbalist – the first pair I’ve worn to death – they’re my go-to black heels for evenings and now I’ve got these beauties to add to my collection.


** Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all my previous orders with Superbalist have been paid for in full by myself.




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