You may have of the term ‘social media influencers’. This refers to people who post regularly in addition they have audiences that run into the hundreds of thousands or millions. These people often get a lot of attention. In addition, they are able to command large paychecks in exchange for promoting brands in addition to products.

Social media is ready for fitness content. Fitness leaders who are certified fitness professionals have always had a powerful impact on health-related beliefs in addition to behaviours. This means that even if you don’t have millions of followers (most fitness professionals don’t have this claim to fame) you’re in a perfect position to move forward as a micro-influencer, especially with your personal training credentials.

Personal trainers are well-educated professionals in the fitness industry who are committed to improving the lives of their clients. However, this is just one dimension of a personal trainer’s skill set in addition to their focus. While a fitness professional’s day-to-day work may occur in a gym or a client’s home, their influence can go beyond those boundaries particularly in today’s culture of social media. A social media micro-influencer is a novel as well as growing role in marketing. Personal trainers have the unique power to become one.

Steps to take to become a fitness micro-influencer

There are several steps which you can take in order to become a fitness micro-influencer. Here are some of them.

Start somewhere

Anyone who is considered to be influential has to have started somewhere. All social media “celebs” started with a handful of followers. So, for you to become a successful fitness influencer nurturing that growth is the first step. Start by investigative analytics on your website, blog in addition to your other social media channels in order to see what type of content in addition to posts your consumers engage with the most. Investigate if you can uncover a theme and, after this, harness that theme as a foundation for you to build more shareable content of a similar nature.

Create unity

Consistency is responsible for building credibility. When you put together your website as well as your social media channels, ensure that you are consistent with respect to the look in addition to feel of the overall design. This means making use of your logo, having a consistent colour scheme as well as designing content that has a specific look,

Post often

Put together a social media plan and post frequently as well as regularly. Your audience will come to anticipate posts from you in a recurrent fashion. Putting together a content calendar can be beneficial and may assist you to keep from falling into a random pattern of sharing.

Be unselfish

Successful fitness micro-influencers are not involved with their platforms in order to fulfil some ego-driven mission. They are committed to sharing motivational, influential as well as useful content for their followers.

If you discover something – a saying, a meal tip or a hack – share it, even though it’s from another brand’s or influencer’s website. Ensure that you tag appropriately because this will not only assist you with growing your brand, but it also may draw in other followers from the link you shared. This is especially true if a tag of the original poster is included.

Connect with your followers

Take an enthusiastic interest in what your followers say in addition to what they post as well. If a follower comments on something which you post, or re-shares it, engage with them and – in addition – thank them. Be you. Be authentic in not what you post and how you make the choice to interact with your audience. Request audience feedback as well as actively seek interaction from your followers.

Being a micro-influencer is not only about the number of followers you have acquired. It’s also about the authentic spirit of what you create, share as well as provide. Start small, grow your brand and make your own mark.

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