Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkin Challenge - Day 7

Seven days into the Kiehl’s #ChangeYourSkin Challenge and I’ve got a better idea of the products so here’s an update of what’s going on with my skin…

Kiehl's #ChangeYour Skin Day 7

  1. Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This is the product that I was most excited to try. Irina Doman from I’ll Take It All says she has sworn by this product for the past 3 winters, and I’m starting to see why… It’s a nighttime facial oil that makes your skin feel amazing by morning. The distilled botanicals in the oil are naturally calming and restorative so the concentrate smells lovely while being very effective.

I’ve noticed that the dry patches on my skin are feeling much better and I love the feeling of my skin when I wake up in the morning. The oiliness might be offputting for people with natural oily skins, but I find my skin absorbs the oil almost immediately and I hven’t noticed increased oiliness as a result of using the product.

I apply the Midnight Recovery at night over the Line-Reducing and Facial Moisturizing creams.

  1. Dermatologist Solutions™ Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

This product contains activated C to fade age spots. I haven’t been able to see much effectiveness from this product as I don’t have too many dark spots to target. Also, for the first week I was concentrating on my biggest trouble areas – fine lines and uneven skin tone (with the Eye treatment, and Line-Reducing creams) next week I’ll have more to say on this one!

  1. Dermatologist Solutions™ Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

With 10,5% Vitamin C, this is one of the more active anti-aging products available. I haven’t noticed any difference using the product yet, but I am very hopeful for this one. I’ve only been using it in the evenings, but will start using it in the mornings from this week and see if there is more of an effect. I’ve only read great things about the concentrate, so I’m excited to stick with it and get the results!

  1. Creamy Eye Treatment with Avo

I am absolutely loving this eye cream – it’s deeply moisturising and doesn’t go into my eyes. I think investing in an eye cream is a long-term play. It may not yield immediate results, but by daily re-adding lost moisture to your eye area, you’re giving yourself the best chance of keeping the sensitive skin around your eyes looking youthful and healthy.

  1. Ultra Facial Moisturizing Cream

This has been a surprise favourite for me. I usually use a good quality moisturiser, but this one has exceeded my expectations. I don’t feel any oiliness after application, even if I use it during the day. The lack of oiliness would make you think that maybe it’s not moisturising enough, but that’s not the case either. It’s definitely the best moisturiser, especially with the dry Cape winter, that I’ve tried in a very long time.

I’m super happy with the products so far and looking forward to seeing some more results from the line reducing concentrate and the dark spot solution. All in all it’s been a fantastic first week!

Keep an eye on Beauty Bulletin to hear how everyone else is getting on with the challenge.


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