Last week I was invited by Opel South Africa to join them for a day of advanced driving, testing out the Opel Astra OPC and the beautiful Opel Corsa Nurburgring. After meeting everyone we spent time going through some important driving theory, and then it was time to hit the road.


We were put through our paces, testing our obstacle avoidance abilities, skid-stops, controlling the vehicle in an over-steer situation (which involved much spinning out for me) and then navigating the race course at the end Top Gear-Style.


Last Thursday was one for the books, in a long list of awesomeness I:

1) Visited a VIP room in a 5* hotel where they gave us free MCC and sushi
2) Drove my fastest ever
3) Got advanced driver training (that’s me!)
4) Drove an Opel worth half a million rand
5) Did doughnuts (a lot!) in a Nurburgring
6) Drove on a skid pan
7) Hung out with some great new friends
8) Flew business class
9) Made it back to Il Leone in Cape Town for dessert and red wine to celebrate a friend’s birthday
Opel Day
Thanks Lunga and Opel SA for a day to remember – and I’m really looking forward to seeing the videos (except the ones with me spinning out!)

* All the photos are my own with the exception of the ones with me in them, those belong to Lunga and have been used with permission.

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