Divas Unite at the Cape Town City Hall

Divas Unite 3

Celebrating Women’s Day 9 August 2015

I wasn’t sure what to expect before I arrived at the City Hall. Were we going to become part of a mini mob connected by our common displeasure at the unjust treatment of women while watching musical performances that nurtured our distain for every man ever? Or perhaps a dower affair with subdued old biddies walking through a display of enlarged photographs of the Suffragettes and the Black Sash, nodding sagely as if sympathizing with their pain, but mostly wondering where the drinks were at?

But I was not prepared for what really happened. Someone did their research. How do you celebrate women? What do women want? And then how do you provide that with style, aplomb and perfection? If you were at the Divas Unite concert then you will have a pretty good idea.

Divas Unite

The first Divas Unite performance was by Sterling EQ, three of the sexiest and most talented musicians I have ever seen. These three women played their instruments as though they were extensions of themselves. I felt tears come to my eyes and I couldn’t decide if it was excitement, joy or awe. Perhaps all three. Their performance of Asturias backed by the ever skillful Cape Philharmonic, energized the crowd and set the tone for the afternoon. It is uncommon to attend a musical evenings where every item gives you a thrill, but at Divas Unite I found every song spoke to my soul.

Divas Unite 4I was completely unprepared for the crystalline notes from Kim Kallie and the electric performance of Pata Pata by Zolani Mahola and Noluvuyiso Mpofu that had the whole crowd chair-jamming and laughing with joy. Magdalene Minnaar, Zanne Stapelberg and Judy Page commanded the stage (and their voices) like the prima donnas that they are and delivered flawless, breathtaking performances. And what a treat to have the great organ at the City Hall feature in the Phantom of the Opera! But they didn’t stop there. What else does a woman want? MCC Pongracz (chardonnay or Rose ma’am?), Swiss chocolates from Frey, seemingly bottomless Butler’s Pizza and beautifully decorated cupcakes.

Divas Unite 2

Divas Unite 3

I truly had the most indulgent and memorable afternoon, definitely the best way to celebrate Women’s Day! I can’t wait for next year’s edition… Who’s keen?

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