Eco Film Festival 2015

Eco Film Festival 2015


Eco Film Festival 2015 Is A Cape Town Highlight

When people start talking about environmental issues, sustainability and going green, I tend to find something really important to do that has to be done, like, now. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I don’t really know how I can make a difference. I know what the issues are but what is my small contribution going to do? One tiny drop in the ocean?


Last week I attended the opening of the Eco Film Festival, hosted by the Labia, brought to you by While you were Sleeping and supported by the Woolies MyPlanet, MyVillage, MySchool initiative. We were welcome by Andreas Spath who’s enthusiasm regarding ecological issues is infectious, and Braam Malherbe from MyPlanet who introduced us to the idea of DOT. Do One Thing. He explained how one small action can have lasting and significant effects on the environment. And if my DOT effort is watching a fantastic documentary at the Labia, I really can’t find anything to complain about!


My Experience At The Festival

We were treated to the feature length documentary by David Bond entitled Wild Thing. David took us through his journey to becoming the marketing director for Nature – the adversity he met and the surprise findings and responses from the public. It was remarkable the responses he received from young and old alike and just how very difficult it is to get people enthusiastic about this much needed, (and totally free!) product. If you want to know more, check out Project wild Thing at and if you would like to Do One (small and super pleasurable) Thing for 2015, you will not regret watching one of the incredible films featured at the Eco Film Festival. It’s the perfect first date to impress that hipster chick or to reconnect with that soul of yours you think you lost in a filing cabinet at your corporate job. Either way the organisers and hosts of this event will be sure to get you inspired and enthusiastic about ecology.

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