Why Economics 101 Grads Would Buy Perfume From a Factory Shop

As most of you know, a lot of the satisfaction that I get from shopping and eating out is derived from the value proposition. Does the satisfaction that I get from the food/new clothes/exciting experience outweigh the cost (in terms of time and effort, but mostly money.) It’s called opportunity cost and one of the first things we learnt in Economics 101 which measures the true cost of what you spend your resources on by also taking into account the opportunity forgone. So not only did your larney sarmie at [insert expensive restaurant here] cost you R80 and 1 hour of your time; it also means that you could’ve spent that hour shopping, spent the R80 on a new pair of pumps at Mr Price and still had money left over for a burger at McD’s (for example).

So, you’re asking, what’s that got to do with perfume? Well, lots actually… I love new perfume, and it’s one of the few things I’m happy to spend a lot of money on. So, I’ve known about the Indigo Brands factory shop in Epping for a long time, but because it’s 1) in Epping and 2) a factory shop stocking products that I’m not price sensitive about, I haven’t prioritised a visit. Epping is not exactly ideal in terms of location (unless you live in Pinelands – and here’s hoping that doesn’t happen). But I was in the area (don’t ask) which reduced my costs of time and effort quite substantially thereby reducing the opportunity cost. But clearly, the biggest winner has to be the savings on perfumes and other products.

So, the shop itself is fine, they treat you like a criminal (as is standard for factory shops these days) by 1) checking you’re not carrying a WMD (weapon of mass destruction) and 2) reducing your options for making off with their stock to sticking it in your bra or shoving it in a suitably large pocket by making you leave your handbag in the car. As a side note, it is a dodgyish area so leaving my handbag in the car is not exactly my first option. However, I digress. The shop is well-stocked, and a great place for picking up birthday presents and stocking up on perfume for yourself.

I was in a bit of a hurry due to traffic, dog eating my homework and not planning my appointments properly; but I still managed to spend an impressive amount of money in the 10 minutes I was in the shop!


What Did I Buy at the Perfume Factory Shop?

Short Answer: A lot.

Long Answer: A lot, but with pictures!

1. 6 x Adidas Body Wash (these things are always so darn expensive and I like having one in the shower) At R15 (I left the prices on to prove it) this is a pretty good deal.

Adidas Body Wash


2. 1 x Celine Dion Perfume (gift for a friend) – this fruity perfume was R95

Celine Dion - Pure Brilliance


3. 1 x Victoria Beckham Summer (gift for my mom), hugely marked down, this was R125

Victoria Becham Signature Summer

4. 3 x Lentheric Lipgloss @R25 each (I lose hairbands and lipgloss on a daily basis)

Lentheric Ultra Shine Lipgloss

5. 4 x Nail Polish (hard not to when they cost R15 each)

NYC Nail Polish

I didn’t have anything that I was particularly looking for, or any reasons to buy more perfume – but for Christmas shopping this place could be a real win. The brands they stock are: Adidas, Celine Dion, Coty, Cutex, Jasper Conran, Lentheric, Monteil, Rimmel, Yardley.

Contact Details for Indigo Brands Cosmetics Shop

Telephone Number: +27 (0)21 507 8581

Physical Address: 16 Evans Avenue, Epping, Cape Town

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