2020 has been a year like no other due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the subsequent government lockdown. Many everyday activities that we would normally take for granted have been curtailed, and many now find themselves stuck at home, wondering what to do with themselves.

Even if, and when, the lockdown is eased, life will not go back to normal any time soon, and, if Europe is anything to go by, South Africans may have to brace themselves for a second wave of the virus, and  more restrictions again.

Here are some suggestions about what to do with your time during lockdown.

1. Play Online Games

Playing online games is a great way of passing some time, whether they be skills-based or online casino games for money. However, even if they are a secure online site such as listed in casinoadviser.co.za the prevailing advice is that you should not spend too much time or money there. Already, campaigners are reporting an increase in the number of problem gamblers in South Africa since lockdown.

2. Learn a New Language

Now is the time to learn that new language you always wanted to master. You may not have access to a physical teacher, but there a host of apps available that allow you to engage in conversation and begin talking with real confidence.

3. Painting

If you fancy yourself as a budding Renoir or van Gogh, now is the time to bring out that inner “you”. All you need to master the basics of paintings are some watercolours or acrylics, a set of brushes and paints, a palette, and a surface on which to work – canvas, or, failing that, paper will do.

4. Cooking

If you want to become a Master Chef, or learn to progress beyond making bacon and eggs, now is your chance. Download your favourite recipe, get the ingredients, and experiment. Alternatively, if you cannot get out to the store to buy fresh produce, see what you can produce from what you have in the cupboard.

5. Gardening

For those lucky to have access to a garden, now is the time to really develop those green fingers. Many people actually find it very therapeutic, in times of stress such as these, to get their hands dirty and get back to nature.

And even those who live in a flat or an apartment can cultivate a window box.

6. Exercise

Even though you are in lockdown, there is no excuse for not getting fit. Often the authorities will allow you out for a short time each day, so use the time well to walk and get some fresh air. It is good for the mind as well as the body.

And although you may not be able to get to the gym, there are still lots of exercises you can do at home, either by yourself, or through online group sessions organised by well-known fitness experts.

7. Learn a Musical Instrument

Many people yearn to play a musical instrument, but a common excuse why they fail to pursue their dream is a lack of time. Not this year though. Now is the time to pick up the guitar, or those keyboards, and learn the basics. Soon you will be playing real songs and, who knows, composing your own tunes.

8. Meditation

Daily life can be stressful with it many challenges and the constant intrusion of the online world and social media. Lockdown presents the perfect opportunity to take a step back from the world and learn how to meditate and relax. There are many online apps which will help you discover the true meaning of life and restore a little calm to your existence.

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