Quality time – a beautiful phenomenon that allows us to spend time with ourselves or loved ones without an ounce of guilt because it is needed and recommended. Quality time is how we fuel relationships with ourselves and those close to us, and who better knows how to spend quality time than the residents of Cape Town? 

In this article, we will look at the types of spoils you can get for yourself or your loved ones at some of Cape Town’s large shopping centres, what fun activities you can engage in as a family and how you can make the most out of the scenic beauty that is Cape Town and its surrounding areas. Let’s take a look. 

Enjoy Fun Moments 

If you are a gamer at heart, or maybe your family and friends are a bunch of competitive and gaming enthusiasts, then Canal Walk’s Wonderland Arcade is the place for you. There you can enjoy a range of games to not only fuel your fun side but win some cool prizes too. There is everything from karaoke to dance step games, hoops and arrows, cars, missions, and even the age-old favourite such as Mortal Kombat and Tekken arcade games. Take yourself on a trip down memory lane or introduce your loved ones to their new favourite games with Wonderland Arcade. 

Capture Memorable Moments 

Take the whole family out to an exciting photoshoot with some of Cape Town’s talented photographers. You can enjoy a beautiful beach day experience and have amazing photographs taken that will be in your hearts and homes forever. If you are skilled enough in the photo-taking department, then there are lots of printing options to choose from. You can employ the skills of companies such as Superfoto and 4u Place found in most of the shopping centres here. 

So, take some of the photos you took outside and get them printed onto a beautiful booklet to gift your loved ones.

Paint The City Colourful 

Another exciting family experience is painting. You and your loved ones can spoil yourselves to restaurants and shops that offer painting activities or the opportunity to create your own painting experience. Get canvases, paint brushes and paints at some of Cape Town’s stationery shops and plan a family and friends picnic day filled with painting and fun. You can give your invitees a painting to recreate or ask them to let their imagination run wild. The choice is yours. 

Go To Magical Places 

An imaginary world awaits you at Cape Town’s beautiful cinemas found in our shopping centres, with Nu Metro and Ster Kinekor cinemas offering some of the latest and greatest films. For cinematic experiences for the whole family in different quality styles, from 2D to 3D, you are guaranteed to feel like you are in the movie you’re watching. Check your favourite cinema’s showings and take the whole family for a taste of the magical movie world. 

And if you want a more literal “magical place”, consider taking the whole family to a rose garden, the gallery, aquarium or museum. Cape Town is buzzing with these experiences that offer the history and culture of the city. Don’t forget to pack essentials such as masks, sunscreen and sanitiser, which can be found pretty much everywhere. 

All This And More 

If you and your family are spending the day at the mall, do not forget to bite into some of the great food offered at our family restaurants. There are a few family favourites such as Panarottis, Spur and Ocean Basket, where kids can get menu options as well as some fun arts and crafts to keep them busy while they wait for their order. There are also lots of promotions running on a regular basis which give customers value for money and great tasting food. 

Speaking of Arts And Crafts 

Canal Walk and other malls and shopping centres have a few stores that offer you some stationery and arts and crafts supplies at affordable costs. You can gift your loved ones journals and photo diaries from the likes of Typo, PNA and Cardies so that they can keep a record of all the beautiful moments you shared together. Plus, it will be great to refill their stationery cabinets with amazing personalised gifts. 

Spoil Them With A Spree 

Visiting a mall in Cape Town is more than just running errands. It is an experience as there is lots of fun to be had as an individual and a group. The trick is to figure out what you and your loved ones feel like. If it is a movie and lunch, or maybe a shopping experience where you need to buy gifts or treat your family to a shopping spree, our malls are packed with options and favourites. The fashion scene in Cape Town is trendy and buzzing, so you will not miss out on the latest styles, and we suggest you try to keep up. 

Markets Everywhere 

Local businesses in Cape Town are also a buzz. You can find them at weekend markets which offer live music, food stalls and clothing shops. You and your family can score some beautiful souvenirs to take home with you or get gifts for those who could not come on the trip with you. Cape Town markets also offer some organic and cruelty-free products by local entrepreneurs who have been the lifeline of the economy, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Your support for these businesses means a lot to the city. 

Final Words 

If you are planning on living in or visiting Cape Town and do not know how to spoil yourself, we hope this guide offers some light. Cape Town is an experience on its own, so you will not run out of things to do. First, try a city tour to familiarise yourself with some places and have a look at all the experiences you may want to engage in. The trick is to create a list and cross things off as you complete them. That way, you are keeping track of everything. Soon enough, you will know the beautiful Mother City like the back of your hand. Share your Cape Town experiences on social media to inspire others to spoil themselves and their loved ones.

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