From imposing lockdowns to travel bans on national and international flights, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit air travel over the last few months.

As many countries lift travel restrictions, people are looking forward to traveling abroad. However, not without taking the travel precautions. 

If you have decided to travel, for personal or business reason, follow these 5 pre-travel checks to make air travel as safe as possible for you and your family: 

  1. Book tickets for flight, cab service and hotel accommodation online

Avoid queuing up with lots of people, or visiting local travel agencies to make your booking for flight, cabs and hotels. 

Take the advantage of the internet and book the tickets online within minutes.

Do you have fear of flying? If yes, travelling during the pandemic can bother you even more. Therefore, enrol for a professional fear of flying course online and make your journey comfortable while following all precautions. Also, you can request for a comfortable seat if you’ve such fear. 

  1. Carry essential items

Whether a short-haul or long-haul flight, air travel requires advanced planning. 

Instead of stuffing unnecessary things in your hand bag, pack these essential items to ensure your safety and of others around you:

  1. Face masks: It protects your nose and mouth from air contaminants.
  1. Hand sanitizer: Carry alcohol-based hand-sanitizers to keep your hands clean all the time. 
  1. Gloves: It offers additional protection to your hands. 
  1. Disinfectant wipes: Use wipes to clean surfaces that you might have to touch while travelling such as arm-rests, seats, or the tray-tables.  
  1. Face Shield: It protects your eyes. 
  1. Necessary medicines: Keep a few medicines like paracetamol handy if you feel unwell. Ask your doctor if you need any medication during the flight.

Apart from these, maintain social distance and avoid touching your face and any unfamiliar surface. 

  1. Buy travel insurance

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, travel insurance has become more important than ever. 

Benefits of travel insurance amid pandemic:

  • Covers in case your trip gets postponed or cancelled
  • Helps to meet any unexpected medical bills
  • Coverage for certain prepaid expenses like hotels and flights 

However,  the benefits may vary from company to company. It’s recommended to ask your insurance company whether or not it provides coverage for a pandemic. 

  1. Bring your own food

Due to the pandemic, some airlines have cut back their food and drink services. 

Either way, you will experience different in-flight service than you’re used to. 

It’s better to bring your own healthy snacks such as dry fruits, nuts, chocolates and fruits in-flight.

Moreover, carry water or beverages to keep yourself hydrated.

  1. Have medical checkup

No matter where you’re flying to, you’ll have a much better time if you know that you are safe and not posing risks to others.

Therefore, before you board a flight, get yourself checked for COVID-19. 

This will offer you peace of mind and will ensure a stress-free journey with lesser time spent at Covid-19 screening counters. 

Wrap up

It is quite obvious to feel anxious about getting on a plane in the present scenario. However, we have to live with this “new normal” until we have a vaccine. 

Above all, follow basic safety precautions and cooperate with the crew members while travelling. 

Have a safe journey!

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