French Toast Cape Town Restaurant

Welcome to French Toast

I have been wanting to visit French Toast since it opened. I mean, what’s not to love – amazing wines and tapas – two of my favourite things. So when a good friend decided to celebrate his 30th there, I was probably the first to RSVP with a (slightly drooling) yes!

And it was lovely…

French Toast Cape Town Restaurant

What’s in a (Cape Town Restaurant’s) Name?

So, French Toast, I checked the website to find out about the restaurant’s name and couldn’t find anything. Something to do with the decor (Parisian French) and wine (Toast), and they have a French Toast dessert.


Bubbly Flight!

The pictures speak for themselves, but some of the top picks from the evening were:

1)      The bubbly flight – 3 x 50 ml glasses with different sparkling wines

2)      The chicken skewers and tomato ricotta pastries

3)      The variety of wines – we enjoyed a range of whites (including pinot grigio and chardonnay), and reds (merlot and cabernet sauvignon) – and they were all delicious!

4)      Our waitor was a was amazing – all the way from the Copper Belt in Zambia – she looked after us and smiled all evening!

French Toast
Tomato Pastries

It must have been a good evening because we got there at 6 and left shortly after midnight!

French Toast
Choose Your Flight!

And to end off, French Toast runs a couple of Specials:

On a Monday night: All wines under R400 half price

Week Days: From 17:00 – 19:00 a glass of red or white wine for R20

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