There is nowhere that make me happier than my bed (especially at the end of a long day) but it’s also a place that you take for granted and stop really seeing after a while. So when you have the chance to redo everything with a little bit of help from Genie Beds, there are few things more exciting.

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Before the Magic

We had a 9 year old Sealy that was quite tired (pardon the pun), as well as some threadbare linen and an ugly base and headboard. Sometimes you just stop seeing what’s right in front of you.



And After The Arrival of Happiness

Of course the aesthetics make a big difference, but after a couple of nights sleeping on the Genie bed (and a seamless transition from the old Sealy); I can honestly say that this bed is amazing quality at a surprisingly affordable price.

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The Genie Beds Revolution

Genie beds concept


A better method.   A better design.   A better bed.

That’s why we created the Genie bed range. Our online store celebrates comfortable and practical products, complete with super compact packaging and easy assembly.

So say good riddance to your old bed and goodnight to your Genie.

Genie cutaway

Ordering Your Genie Bed

It’s so ridiculously simple.

  1. Visit Genie Beds
  2. Select your product (we ordered the Queen Extra Length Mattress and Base here) and pay
  3. Receive your bed a couple of days later
  4. Open the boxes (& assemble the base)

Genie beds email

Done! It couldn’t be simpler or more convenient.


What’s the Mattress Like?

It’s luxurious and so super-amazingly comfortable! The mattress is deep, firm and very comfortable. My favourite spot in our house just got a lot more awesome.


And the Base?

It arrives as a flatpack that needs assembling. It’s a straightforward process and leaves loads of room for storage underneath.

Playing genie bedsLinen and Headboard

We also replaced the linen (it’s a combination of Woolworths, @Home, Linen House and Granny Goose) as well as the headboard. After much searching for the perfect headboard, I finally settled on a beautiful cream buttoned headboard from Block and Chisel.


A Quick Insight into the Setup Process

Genie Setup - The Boxes
1. The boxes
Genie setup whats in the box
2. The mattress in it’s box
Genie beds whats in the box
3. The flat pack base


Genie setup the base
4. Setting up the base


Genie setup complete
5. The bed (it takes up to 72 hours to fully inflate)

Want More Information?

If you’d like to test a Genie bed, they have showrooms in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. And they also offer a 100 day ‘test period’ where you can return the bed if it isn’t exaclty what you’re looking for.

For more information give them a call on 0861 786 768, or email them at




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