Things to Do in Cape Town: Good Food and Wine Show: My Favourites From 2013

Arumdale Wines - Good Food and Wine Show

The Good Food and Wine Show this year was fantastic. We went on the Thursday evening, partly in an attempt to avoid some of the crowds and partly to make sure that we had enough time and space to visit all the stalls that we wanted to. This year instead of trying to do everything, we spent time at a couple stands talking to the stall holders, asking about their products. We came out of the show encouraged and a little humbled by the passionate producers who are working so hard to create and market niche, specialised products that are both high quality and affordable.

While the whole show was a quality event, there are a couple of exhibitors that deserve a special mention. I particularly enjoyed Clarks Sticky Plum Sauce and Original Iced Cocktails stands. Going through the different wine exhibitors, we really enjoyed the friendly hosts at Solms Delta and Orange River Cellars. Some exhibitors had beautiful and innovative products – such as Caffe Luxe promoting their range of Nespresso style capsules and Entrepo with their stylish range of European homeware and appliances. I also particularly enjoyed Arumdale’s branding of their new wine range.

Arumdale Wines - Good Food and Wine Show
Robin Hood Legendary Wine Series by Arumdale


Original Iced Cocktails – For Summer Evenings

Original Iced Cocktails - Good Food and Wine Show
Ready Mixed Cocktail Sachets

We were hosted by Original Iced, and invited to test the different flavours. Karen, who owns the company, had lots to share about her products as well as the different South African markets that she targets. They use real fruit and local alcohol products in these ready-mixed sachets. You just stick them in the fridge for 8 hours then take them our, and pour! This is their website:


Clarks Sticky Plum Sauce – Perfect on Everything

Clarks Sticky Plum Sauce - Good Food and Wine Show
Use it for basting, braaing, baking or dipping!

Clarks Sticky Plum Sauce, perfect with everything as we discovered, was launched at this year’s Good Food and Wine Show by sisters Amy and Faye. Passionate foodies who have travelled and experienced many different food cultures around the world have returned home to set up a company based on an old family recipe for plum sauce. It’s delicious and we couldn’t leave without taking home a bottle to try out later. (If you’d like more info please send Amy an email:


We left this year’s Good Food and Wine Show full of good food and wine, carrying packets of goodies and looking forward to next year’s feast!

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