Spoilt Salon 2

Celebrating 9 Months of The Best Hair With Spoilt Salon

I was thinking back over the last couple of months with Spoilt Hair and Nails. I’ve been their brand ambassador for 9 months now and I can only say that my hair and I have loved every minute of it. I’m not very fussy, I’ve done box colour and had my husband trim my hair (in my defence it was when we were living in countries where they don’t speak much English). But I’ve been so spoilt now (yes, I just went there) that I could never go back, no more skimping on hair care anymore. My hair isn’t the easiest, it’s curly (frizzy if the humidity picks up) and fine, and, unfortunately, I’ve got more than my fair share of grey that needs covering – thanks for that dad!

Spoilt Salon 2

So, Spoilt has had their work cut out for them. In the past 9 month, my hair has improved in leaps and bounds. When I arrived it was thin, breaking easily and a horrible shade of medium brown (with a touch of orange I’m ashamed to admit). I had lost a lot of hair, mostly through stress and so had the prospect of new hair growth (basically baby fuzz) to get through as well. The team, Theo in particular, helped me through the awkward new hair growth phase where I basically had a halo of hair sticking up at every opportunity. And I’m now at a place where my hair is much thicker, healthier, a gorgeous colour and I couldn’t be happier.

The process is not always glamorous!

It’s been a journey of discovering the styles that suit me, stepping out of my comfort zone on occasions, trusting my stylist and generally being spoilt (whoops, I did it again) by some of the most lovely people.

These are some of my favourite looks from the past couple of months.

Spoilt Salon 1

Spoilt Salon 3

Spoilt Salon 4

Spoilt Salon 7

Spoilt Salon 6

Spoilt Salon 5

And so today exactly marks 9 months of good hair days with Spoilt Salon. My hair has never been healthier or so easy to manage. Thank you so much Theo, Gilbert, Shoneez and the awesome Spoilt team!

If you want to get in touch with Spoilt Salon (and I really recommend that you do):

Website: https://www.spoiltsalon.co.za/

Contact: +27 21 434 7112

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spoiltsalon

Twitter: https://twitter.com/spoilt_hair

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