The pandemic has brought about significant changes in our daily lives, including the way we groom ourselves and practice good hygiene. Pre-COVID-19, grooming for many meant running to the nearest men’s hair salon whenever their locks need trimming. Although many commercial establishments have now reopened, it’s still safer-and more cost-efficient-to do your grooming at home (#bettersafethansorry). Without a coronavirus vaccine, we might have to deal with this “new normal” for a little while longer.

Quarantine Grooming Trends

Because most of us were forced to stay at home, we were also forced to get creative with the way we groom ourselves. Here are some trends we saw among men during the quarantine period:

For Those Rocking the Man Bun

Are you one of the guys who have always wanted to rock the man bun but couldn’t due to some weather- or work-related reason? Now that almost everyone’s doing it, nothing’s stopping you from letting your hair grow and going with the flow.

To keep your locks healthy, make shampoo and conditioner your best pals but don’t overuse them. These products could cause dryness when used in excess, so make sure you wash your hair in moderation. According to dermatologist Elizabeth Hughes, the best practice is to shampoo only the roots of your hair so as not to strip the natural oils.

Just a word of caution, though: You’ll go through many awkward stages as you grow your hair. But that’s okay! Embrace the process and be patient. If you don’t feel comfortable showing your current hairstyle, just turn off your camera during your Zoom meetings.

For Those Giving Themselves a Haircut at Home

If you’re planning on doing this, invest in high-quality or professional-grade hair scissors. While any sharp scissor will do the trick, you want precision on your side, especially if you haven’t tried cutting your hair before. If possible, enlist the help of another person to help with the cutting and shaving, especially on the backside of your head.

BONUS SUGGESTION: Do you want to add more time between salon visits? Make it a habit to shave the hair off the back of your neck using a trimmer. Follow your natural hairline to avoid creating hard lines. If you’re using a razor to shave your head, make sure to use shaving cream to prevent burns. Alternatively, you can use household products, like conditioner or olive oil.

For Those Growing a Quarantine Beard

Just as many of us are too lazy to pick up the dumbbells to do some arm exercises, it could also be a struggle to grab the beard shaver. Take this as an opportunity to try out new beard styles. Just remember the proper grooming techniques.

When your beard hair is just sprouting, it tends to be very dry or coarse, which could cause awful itching. You can avoid this by using the same conditioner you apply on your hair. To tame the frizz, you might need to try out various beard oil products to see which one suits you best.

Got more grooming pointers in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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