Harley Davidson Supports Beast Cancer Awareness #HDFearless

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

I can’t think of a better way to support and spread the awareness of Cancer treatment. Last night

marked the start of the Harley-Davidson Fearless Music Tour. In the line-up? Loki Rothman jamming

guitar like a ninja and Jack Parow blasting inappropriate heart-warming lyrics. Durban and Joburg –

don’t miss out today and on the 24th!

The event was hosted at Harley-Davidson Tyger Valley at the Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre. I can

understand how there is a whole culture built on these machines – the engines sent vibrations

through me as the kings and queens of the tarmac pulled up to the store and the bikes, lined up like

rugged soldiers outside, are beautifully crafted.

The store itself is a stylish shrine to the macho camaraderie that is the Harley-Davidson life. As we

moved our way through the crowd I started to regret never investing in tattoos and a black leather

jacket… I felt like I was in a scene from Sons of Anarchy complete with brandy and Coke, cigarette

smoke and bandanna-ed hulks. But there was no denying why everyone was here, there were

splashes of pink everywhere in support of the fight against breast cancer.


We were warmly greeted by the Greater Than team and even got a chance to chat with Juan

Mouton, the Marketing Manager for Harley-Davidson Africa, and the one and only Simon Fourie

from Bike SA! It took me a while to realise who I was looking at across the bar (complete with skull

beer taps by the way), having last read a BikeSA magazine a while ago. You would think that an ex-

public prosecutor, South African Formula One motorcycle championship winner and millionaire

would have an ego the size of a Harley but he was exceptionally down to earth, funny and a

surprisingly gentle soul (or is that my awe speaking?).

First on stage was Loki Rothman, guitarist and singer in his own right. He played such a variety of

music with such skill that the whole crowd was stomping their feet and cheering. And things only got

better from there when Jack Parow jumped on stage. You can tell musicians are talented when they

can improvise, tell jokes, dance and drink all at the same time and we were loving their energy and

enthusiasm not just for performing, but for the cause too.

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Twitter @hd_fearless and @harleyafrica


#HDFearless #PinkGloveRun

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