Buying a Land Rover is a posh experience in the world of off-roaders but how to buy is always a question to be asked, follow our guide before you decide to buy one.

Range roverThe trends of car buying are shifting from smaller family cars to the bigger SUVs and even off-roaders. The SUVs and off-roaders have added advantages over the smaller cars e.g., they have a higher driving position which gives better control over your vehicle.

SUVs now a days, also offer a comfortable ride than those who were famous in the past. Fuel economy, running costs, repairs and even the comfort and flexibility is higher, so why buy any other vehicle. Apart from these benefits, there are some weak points too, where the pricing is one of the main concerns in the SUV segment of mobility.

This sticking point is still unable to stop buyers from buying the SUVs but it somehow pushing the majority of buyers towards used vehicles. However, when you are also a budget buyer and looking to shift your car from a smaller family car to a larger SUV or 4×4 vehicle e.g. a Land Rover or a Range Rover, your question would be, how would I know which a better option for me?

The answer – to how would you know that you are getting a right vehicle with the best deal from your private seller – is our expert guide on how to buy a 4×4 SUV.

This guide will not only give you tips on buying a Land Rover but it also gives you a detailed overview of the overall process involved in your buying process. So let’s start with the tip on buying a 4×4 first to just develop your trust in this guide.

You must follow these tips to figure out the reliability and the overall value of your vehicle against the money you are paying. Usually, the age of the vehicle determined with the distance travelled rather than the year of manufacturing or registration so, first, determine the age of your vehicle.

How many miles are on the clock?

Before you decide to buy a vehicle, you must know about the actual condition of your possible buying. Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles even all the JLR produced vehicles indeed, have around 5 years extra life than any other vehicle in the market by any manufacturer in the world, so this the speciality of once national automaker.

If a vehicle has a life of 15 years before it would go off the road, Land Rovers and Range Rovers last 20 years. We still have 1950s models in the market but you won’t be able to see these models from any other brand at all. Majority of vehicles used in the safari tours in African jungles are Land Rovers and most of them are more than 4 decades old and working fine.

So, talking about the distance travelled by the vehicle of your concern, generally, if your asked vehicle has more than 100k miles on the clock, it better to look elsewhere. This is a breakeven point in the life of a Land Rover or a Range Rover that it starts break down after 100,000 miles and this may vary from model to model as well as Land Rovers are tough vehicles.

In addition, apart from the mileage clock, you must ask the seller about the service history that how often the vehicle was serviced in its life to see how well the vehicle was maintained in its life.

Have a look at the exterior of the car

In the case of a Range Rover, exteriors of these vehicles are something extraordinary you can buy. The build quality is far above the average quality. However, as you are buying for the first time, you must see if there is paint works carried out, any scratches were repaired, and any of the five doors were aligned in the past.

If any of these questions’ answer is YES, you must ask the history of that accident. Because all these things are indicating a major collision. We would recommend that you do not need to engage the seller in a dialogue if these indications are there.

You should look for another option. If the vehicle is repainted, it clearly mentions that owner or seller is trying to hide some previous damages and collisions or any accident history.

Don’t forget the interior of the vehicle

Interior of a Range Rover or a Land Rover is something very important and you must not ignore it at all. Because the Land Rovers are actually some serious off-roader and if the previous owner used this capability in the true sense, you won’t be able to get an exclusive interior at all.

The previous owner could have driving through the deep water or mud even, if this is the case, then water should reach the interior carpet, there is a likely chance that the rust could start under the carpets.

If you do find any rust or damp carpet inside, you should then check the electrical equipment, if they are also damaged by flooding water inside.

Sit in the car with the engine on

Range Rover engines are great but it is still important to check the engine for reliability. Sit inside the vehicle and start the engine, listen to any irregular noises for couple of minutes and try to detect any faults.

If you are interested in a diesel-powered version of a Land Rover or a Range Rover, then get closer to the fuel pump and injectors area to listen their sound. If you feel that there are any irregular sounds coming out of these areas, you must look for another option now.

The reason to look for another option is the repair cost, the injectors or even any part of the Range Rover or Land Rover engine is expensive and would cost you higher repair bills.

Range rover engineTest drive the car

Going for a test drive is one of the best options and it will clear a number of things.  You will be able to inspect that how all the functions are working under driving conditions, driving is smooth and there are no jolts and shakes.

You can also test the suspension of the vehicle including the gears if you are feeling any vibration on the gear lever, check them at all the positions one by one. If you feel that there is a cracking sound came from the gears – don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and just came because of your gear shifting patterns.

Finally, drive the car in gear 1st gear to ensure that it does not pop back into neutral.

Check the underside of the vehicle

The undersides of the vehicle is something always naked to the road and face salts in winter, salty water when it rains and dust from the road, check the underside of the vehicle to see if there is any oil leakage from any of the axles or gearbox or even from engine itself.

You must check the steering and oil cooler for leakage to make sure it is clean. Please understand that the minor leakage from any of the said areas is not a big deal as long as the oil levels are good. If oil levels are dropped, then you need to confirm that upon full oil levels, these leakages might increase.

Ask about the next emissions test due date

Usually, 4×4 vehicles have a big amount of carbon emissions and their taxes are heavy. Therefore, as you are buying it for the first time, it must not happen that soon after paying the price of the vehicle, you have to pay the road and emissions taxes as well.

When buying any larger vehicle like Range Rover or any of the Land Rover models, it should have at least six months until the next emission test and road tax payment. This will give you some relief from paying extra amount in terms of taxes.

Prefer Buy from original owner

Before you buy the 4×4, make sure that the person you are buying the vehicle from is the original owner of the vehicle?

If you are buying from an original owner than you are on safe side and have more advantages over a private garage etc. generally, the original owners take better care of the vehicles and they would provide you precise and correct information about the vehicle and its history.

Research what parts are most commonly replaced on your selected Land Rover

This is one of the crucial part of your buying process, you must carry out a research to see the market trends that what parts are selling more often in the market as replacement parts and then particularly test those parts on the vehicle to make sure that they are in good working condition and do not need replacement soon.

Also, research that particular model, see that all the replacement parts are easily available in the market, and determine their cost as well if they not too expensive. See where you can buy that parts as you would definitely in need of them when living with a Land Rover Range Rover.

These things play a vital role as a deciding factor in buying a Range Rover or Land Rover 4×4 for you.

What price are they asking for?

While you are making research on the parts etc., also make a research on the price of the similar condition models online to get a better idea of the price of the vehicle. This way you would ensure that, you get the best deal. In case of a private sale, you might have a great chance of barter and especially you found any issues, you can pull the asked price far down.

You can say that the car was offered for sale wasn’t mentioned that it has these faults or whatsoever. In case of any Range Rover buy, it is important to ask correct question and carry out your own investigation, even if it is taking too long and buying process is getting lengthy.

If you would follow these tips, you would definitely buy a good Range Rover for you. Now apart from these 10 tips to buying a Land Rover Range Rover let’s move to the buying guide.