Read all about how to make the right choice when it comes to selecting and downloading a betting app.

Choosing a mobile betting app isn’t as easy as it sounds. Newcomers are known to get confused in the process with several mobile apps offered by hundreds of online bookmakers. The standard for evaluating a good mobile betting app is similar to that of a sportsbook website. Players have to consider the in-play options, sports selection, odds and betting market, live streaming quality, intuitive navigation and most importantly, compatibility.

For South Africa sports lovers, knowing the qualities of a good betting app will improve their betting on their mobiles or tablets is a need that needs to be met. In this article, we will review the important features of the best betting apps. We hope this would guide players new to online betting in choosing the right sport betting app to enable them to gamble smoothly via whatever mobile device they use.

Selecting a Great Betting App for Your Smartphone

There are dozens of betting apps designed for mobile users. However, most of these apps are targeted at iOS and Android devices. The main reason betting operators prefer to design native apps for Android and Apple devices is that both brands dominate the mobile sector and are widely used around the world, unlike Windows and Blackberry which are on low demands. Also, the issue of licensing restrictions which prevents gambling applications to be listed on Google Store gives operators more reasons to design native apps for Apple device user. However, Android users won’t be missing out much as they have the option of downloading these apps directly from the sportsbook website. Whatever device you choose to bet, below are the factors you need to rate a good betting app.

Navigation and Design of hollywoodbets application

Although, mobile apps are designed to enable mobile users to place bets, claim bonuses, and follow their favourite matches live without having to sit in front of the computer all day. However, it is vital that these apps are designed and fully optimized for easy navigation and functionality. This simply means these apps must come with similar features found on the sportsbook website without any noticeable difference and must be a quicker and easier alternative to betting on the website after its downloading and installing.

What you want to look out for is how responsive the app is, the size of the app, appearance and layout and how many taps and swipes it takes to access sports options or place bets. All these contribute to the ease-of-use and overall quality of the betting app.

We recommend you before downloading app try mobile version of official betting website. Commonly its more comfortable and always take in update. Nowadays most of popular betting brands try to make userfriendly interface instead of app. Because of huge amount of illegal betting applications.

Live Betting and Streaming

Most top betting brands strive to make a good number of odds market and full in-play options which are available on the website also accessible to mobile users. Unfortunately, they are restricted by the size of the app and other related factors that prevent operators from preserving all the features of the desktop site. However, Hollywood betting app has got most of the in-play betting markets and live streams listed on the desktop website.


Before you download a betting app, you have to be sure you have access to a good number of the incentives offer by the sportsbook. Betting site operators also award exclusive bonuses to mobile users or players placing bets through their mobile apps.

Data Privacy Clause

Prioritizing security isn’t only applicable when choosing a betting website. Mobile users have to look out for security protocols like encryption which protect user information while it’s being shared from the user’s device and the webserver. We recommend users look for app policies that clearly state that the operator won’t be sharing your personal data to third parties for marketing other purposes.

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