How to Make Your Child’s Room a Study Sanctuary

Even if your family doesn’t have the square footage to carve out a separate room for homework, there are still plenty of design decisions that can turn your child’s room into a study sanctuary. 

Designate a homework headquarters 

Dedicate a specific area of your child’s room to studying and completing homework assignments. This corner of your child’s world should be free of distractions and include everything they need to complete their work right at their fingertips, from pens, pencils, paper, markers and any other supplies that might come in handy to a spacious desktop with proper lighting. 

Declutter their space and declutter their minds! 

Your child’s desk or table space should be spacious, simple and organized to make doing schoolwork a snap. Avoid clutter at all costs and only keep the basics on their desktop. Anything else they don’t need immediately can be stored in desk drawers or nearby storage bins. 

A neat study space will help your child focus on the task at hand and complete their work more efficiently. 

Remove distractions 

Keep your child focused on their work by removing all distractions from the room – this includes smartphones! Store their phone in another room during the duration of their study period. 

Either keep their bedroom television free or ensure that it’s turned off while they’re working. And if they don’t need the Internet for a research project during homework time, turn off their connection to make sure they don’t have access to online distractions either. 

Finally, a neat and clean room, with all toys put away and in their proper places, will cut down on distractions. Make it a habit for your child to straighten up their room before they start their assignments. 

Create space to organize assignments 

A dry erase board with magnets or bulletin board will allow your child to hang important school papers, from information about assignments to class schedules. Likewise, a calendar will help them keep track of important dates for assignments and tests. A large, monthly wall calendar will provide space for them to take notes about upcoming projects so they don’t forget what’s on the horizon. 

Lighting is a key to success 

Proper lighting is a must-have for your child as they tackle tough school assignments. A nice table lamp or pendant lighting hanging directly over your child’s study space are ways to provide appropriate lighting. The position of their desk or writing table is also something to consider. If you place it near a window, natural lighting could add some extra illumination to their work. 

Consider a reading nook 

While the majority of schoolwork will best be completed while sitting at a desk or table, your child might benefit from a comfy nook for longer reading assignments and independent reading. 

This area could be anything from a bean bag chair to a cushioned bay window. Place a bookcase or other storage set-up near this area so your child can easily access the books, magazines and other reading materials they need. 

And who knows? They might love this personalized nook so much that you’ll find them reading independently outside their schoolwork!


About the Author

Lucy Miller is a nutrition student, marathon runner, and a passionate writer for Mind Your Zen, a brain nutrition supplement brand. She contributes to a number of blogs, sharing useful tips from her research as a student. She can be reached at


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