Hudsons – A Cape Town Restaurant Institution

So everyone knows Hudson’s, right? And what you know is burgers… Agreed, especially their epic sliders so that you don’t have to choose only one burger. (The sliders are a selection of 3 of their burgers, only the burgers are mini.)

Everyone had their favourite slider and I’m sold on the TriBeCa Selection (full of saucy burgers) but apparently the ostrich vibe is a winner too (West Village Selection).

But I am getting distracted, the main reason you want to visit Hudson’s is for their happy hour specials.

Hudsons Restaurants in Cape Town

Cape Town Winter Specials at Hudsons

So, check this for a Cape Town restaurant special:

From 4:30 – 6:30 weekdays, they have all their beers on tap and cocktails on special.

But wait, there’s more (just like Verimark):

Hudson’s have made sure that you’re not drinking on an empty stomach… Thoughtful right?? All their tapas (or starters) are half price too. They’re a decent size so you get a bowl of chicken strips for around R15 (so amazing and plenty of chicken) which is definitely my favourite. But the ribs, chilli poppers (especially the bacon-wrapped ones) and crumbed mushrooms all hold their own.

How We Have Experienced Hudsons

The waitresses are always really friendly and kind, they have a very visibly available manager who comes past to check on things and it’s a place to go relax after work with a good vibe. We go there at least once a week and have tried the Green Point and Claremont (by Cavendish where Greens used to be) branches. The town branch appears to be at least as good judging by the number of people that I’ve seen packed in there.

So if you’re tired of your normal restaurants in Cape Town and looking for a trendy (hipsters welcome), relaxed after-work drinks hangout then Hudson’s is definitely worth a visit! (Doubly so if you consider that you only pay half price)…


To get in contact with Hudsons The Burger Joint



Twitter: @hudsonsburgers

Green Point Hudsons (Somerset Road):

Tel: 021 433 1496


City Bowl Hudsons (Kloof Street):

Tel: 021 426 5974


Claremont Hudsons (Protea Road):

Tel: 021 674 5152



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