Car mechanics scare me.  I know this because, before I can even book my car in for a service, I have to gather up all my gees into a little pile and then only can I make the call.  Going to a mechanic when something’s wrong with my car takes all my courage because 1) he (it’s always a he) is going to make me feel like an idiot when I try an explain what the problem is, 2) it will cost a lot of money and 3) in all likelihood the problem won’t be fixed and it will somehow be my fault and they will charge again to re-look at my car.  I hope this sounds familiar and I’m not the crazy one…

BUT, I have found the most amazing AMAZING mechanic who knows what he’s doing, doesn’t try and make you replace things that don’t need replacing, he’s affordable, he doesn’t make me feel stupid and is just generally a nice person.  I have an Opel – and he loves Opels – but he done my friend’s Toyota and another’s Mazda.

When you go, tell him that Stu (who used to have the corsa bakkie) recommended him – because Stu recommended him to me!

Contact Paul: 0823913920. He’s in Rondebosch by the Public Library.

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