I’m Doing All My Christmas Shopping Online, First Stop: Groupon

Groupon Christmas

Your First Christmas Online Shopping Stop is Here

I had to run errands yesterday morning and realised, not for the first time, why I do most of my shopping online these days. Add a baby to the mix and getting to the shops has fallen so far down the list that I sometimes forget that it’s an option (but that might be baby brain kicking in).


Moving on.

I’m super impressed with Groupon this year – they’ve gone all out to make preparing for Christmas a pleasure. At last count they had over 600 offers on goods, and about 400 deals for Cape Town specifically. So, like the pro-browser I am, I’ve been going through the list and I’ve come up with a couple that I really like…


OK, so what would I choose for myself? This…
Gift for her_choice of full body massages at Spa Botique

A full body massage from Spa Boutique. That’s what I would choose – a break from┬ábaby duty and some looooong overdue pampering.


And for my husband? Oh my goodness, this…

Gift for him_Killarney Racing Circuit

Killarney Racing Circuit: Supercar Driving Experience


And for Baby Boy? Definitely this…

Groupon Baby


It’s a cute Fisher Price Mobile and since he’s only 3 months old, it’s the perfect gift (and it includes delivery)!





And there’s always those family members that have everything, and buying for them is always a nightmare – but again, Groupon has come to the party with these quick links:

Looking for something for a girl?

To find more deals for her, look here: https://www.groupon.co.za/occasion/go-wild-christmas-her

Looking for something for a guy?

Find more deals for him here: https://www.groupon.co.za/occasion/go-wild-christmas-him

Looking for something for a child?

Find more gifts for kids here: https://www.groupon.co.za/occasion/go-wild-christmas-kids


Catch Groupon on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groupon.za/ or

Twitter: https://twitter.com/groupon_za



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