I’ve been promising to start sharing my factory shop finds – and Ina Paarman’s Factory shop is great place to start!

I enjoy cooking, but prefer eating which has led to my ’30 minute rule’. Unless it is an extra special occasion (which has yet to happen), supper should not take more than 30 minutes to make.  The problem with this rule is finding recipes that don’t take long to make – and that’s where Ina’s ready-made Pasta Sauces and Coat ‘N Cook Sauces really come into their own.

My favourite Ina Paarman product has to be the Vanilla Cake Mix so I stocked up on a couple (you can buy a bulk bag if you want – something like 6kgs and that works out super cheap!) I’ve done a brief cost comparison – so you can work out if it’s worth your while to pop in.

The prices to note are the Red and Yellow sticker goodies, they’re discounted by 25% and 75% respectively. Don’t worry about the expired stuff – I was there at the beginning of February and they only had a couple of January 2011 expiry stock, nothing older. The lady at the Factory Shop also explained how one of their customers had used a 2 year old cake mix that she’d forgotten about at the back of her fridge (added some extra baking powder) and the cake came out perfectly. So, I’m convinced!

Call the Ina Paarman Factory Shop: 0217056440 (it’s in Diep River), You can to phone ahead as they have different stock levels and options depending on what they receive from the factory.

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