The gym is generally a safe space – if you know your way around. There are numerous machines and equipment in a gym that can actually hurt you if not used correctly. Many people have found themselves in emergency rooms because they pulled a muscle from pushing themselves too hard or misusing a device.

There are plenty of potential hazards inside a gym. That is why newcomers are recommended to get a trainer to show them how to use the different exercise apparatus.

However, aside from the gym machines and equipment, there is one more thing that can seriously harm you whenever you engage in physical activities: what you are wearing. It may seem like your outfit is gym appropriate, but it might cause you to struggle or get hurt when you do your exercise routine.

To prevent accidents or embarrassing situations, here are the things you should never wear to the gym.


Your expensive jewelry has no business in the gym. Not only are you risking losing your gold necklace or silver watch, but you are also putting yourself in danger.

If you really have to wear accessories at the gym, get something made of silicone. Silicone bead bracelets and rings are affordable, which means that, in case you lost them, you would not be turning the gym upside down to find them.

Jewelry can affect your routine, too. While running on the treadmill, your necklace will be bouncing around and smacking your face. It might not hurt, but it will be very distracting. Metal rings would also be a nuisance. Your grip on the weights would not be as sturdy. You might lose control of the weights and let them unintentionally slip out of your hands, posing a danger to you and the people around you.

Leave the gold, silver, platinum jewelry at home.

Loose Clothing

An oversized shirt is comfortable when you are at home with nothing to do but watch Netflix. At the gym, however, it would not be beneficial.

First, if you have a trainer, they would need to see your body, so they can make an assessment and develop a routine that will target your problem areas. For example, do you slouch? Are your ribs protruding? These observations may be insignificant for you but will significantly give your trainer an idea about your overall physical well-being.

The super baggy clothes may also conceal your movement and your form. How will you or your trainer know that you are doing an exercise correctly? You can expect your trainer to throw instructions at you like “straighten your back” and tighten your core throughout your routine. Your trainer would not know what you are doing if you are hiding behind mounds of fabric.

Doing an exercise wrong can cause a minor or a major injury. For example, squatting incorrectly will lead to knee pain because it places pressure on your joints instead of on your glutes and thigh muscles. Planks only look easy from an onlooker’s perspective, but it is actually very complicated and, if done incorrectly, can cause you recurring back pain.

Tight Clothing

You should not wear baggy clothing at the gym, but you should not dress up in tight exercise apparel, either. If your workout shirt or your leggings is a size too small, you should shop for better-fitting attire.

Clothes that are too tight will do two things: restrict your movement and/or cut blood circulations to certain body parts. Both are obviously bad, especially when you are in the middle of intense physical activity.

Your tight leggings, for example, will stop you from bending your legs into a full squat. A tight shirt will not let you raise your hand.

Moreover, when blood flow is restricted, you are more likely to experience cramping.

Either way, go for clothes that fit you well. You can wear compression clothing, which supports the muscle, but never compromise on comfort.

Shoes Not Designed for Physical Activity

The type of shoes you wear matters. Whether you are doing resistance training but especially if you plan to do cardio, you should always have the appropriate footwear.

Sneakers are designed for movement. They have soles that absorb the impact from running and jumping. The material used to create it is also soft inside and out to prevent blisters from forming. Also, sneakers are often tagged as “breathable,” which means that your feet would not be trapped in a hothouse state where neither heat nor air can pass to and from

People who want to exercise should be properly informed before they begin. Physical activities, although healthy and needed by your body, can be dangerous. Knowing what you should do is the key to avoiding injuries at the gym.

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