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K53 Tests

Why constantly ponder over something if the answer is only a read away? The 9-Point Answer Guide answers frequently asked questions with regards to the K53 Tests. Learn more at FreePass.co.za. Knowing the answers not only gives you more confidence passing your learner’s or driver’s test but enable you to be an informed driver on the road. The 6-point Answer Guide brings you the answers you need.

“To be able to ask a question clearly is two-thirds of the way to getting it answered.” – John Ruskin

There is always that one question that baffles you. Or worse, you have a question but cannot quite describe it in words. Before a K53 learner’s or driver’s test a million questions rumble through your head. Or a close friend, teenager or work colleague throws a question about the K53 Learner Test or learners at you and you have no idea how to answer. What if you already have your licence permit or are on the verge of trying out for one and you still don’t have the answer?

A Good Read on K53 Tests: Your Quick Answer Guide and More

Don’t only expect the answer. You want to pass the licence test the first time. Don’t let uninformed actions cause you to fail! Are you a barefoot driver and stressing because your K53 driver’s test are tomorrow and you need to wear shoes? Did you know that barefoot driving is legal; even while completing your driver’s licence test?

Imagine all the unanswered questions you have, or traffic rules you thought are rules but are only mere guidelines to be safer on the road. Take Grandpa Wizen for example. He obtained his Code B driver’s licence in 1953. In 2010 he took his grandchildren on a road trip with his sons’ minibus. Today, Grandpa. Wizen has a criminal record after he got pulled over by a traffic officer. You see, Grandpa Wizen wasn’t aware his class of vehicle on his driver’s licence didn’t correspond with the minibus he was driving. For him to legally drive the minibus, he had to upgrade from a Code B to a Code C1.

But how does one upgrade your class of vehicle? And what if you drive an automatic vehicle during you driver’s test, are you legally allowed to drive a manual car as well? Whether you are a teenager or adult, read The 9-Point Answer Guide. Don’t just pass your driver’s licence, pass the right code, the right way and ultimately be safe on the road!

#Q01: If I pass the K53 driving test in an automatic motor vehicle, can I also drive a manual car?

A: No. You may only drive the class of vehicle as indicated on your driving licence card.

More on this. If you have obtained your driver’s licence using an automatic vehicle you can only drive a vehicle with the same transmission. However, if you complete your driver’s license test using a manual transmission vehicle, you can legally drive with either a manual or automatic transmission vehicle. View even more info on your light motor vehicles with regards to the K53 test or heavy motorvehicle k53 test requirements.

#Q02: Is it legal to drive barefoot? Is it permitted to try for your driving licence without wearing shoes?

A: Yes, it is legal to drive barefoot in South Africa, even when doing your licence test.

More on this. No law or regulation in South Africa states that you cannot drive barefoot or do your driver’s license without wearing any shoes. Learn more about driving lessons in Cape Town.

SAIDI (The Southern African Institute of Driving Instructors) said the following:
“While we all know it would be better if they did [wear shoes], since feet are very sensitive and can get hurt on the pedals, we also know that many applicants love driving barefoot and cannot comfortably wear shoes.”

#Q03: Are learner applicants entitled to see their learner’s licence test results after doing the test?

A: No. You are not entitled to see your test afterwards.

More on this. It is standard procedure that when you have finished the test, you will not be handed your paper to view which questions you got wrong. You can only ask the examiner which sections (vehicle controls, signs, rules) you have passed or failed.

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Don’t let that one question baffles you. Know the answer! Your driver’s permit is in your reach. Understand what the K53 tests require and take action accordingly! Go on and practice some free tests offered by K53Tests now.

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