Klok watches at clifton

Stylish City-Slicking Klok Watches Inspired by Cape Town’s Most Beautiful Beaches


Contact: +27 (011) 467-7019

Website: Klok Watches

Cost Per Person: 2500

Klok is a local watch brand inspired by Cape Town's most beautiful beaches!

I love that it’s a local brand, and the designs are minimalist and stylish.

I’ve never been a big watch person, I always forget to put my watch on, and then forget where I’ve put it when I take it off. But, as it turns out, all I needed was the right incentive. Locally-inspired Klok watches are perfect for me – they reflect my love of Cape Town and, because I can be pretty tough on my clothing and accessories, it’s important that my watch is durable.

I love the stylish, minimalism of the Klok brand, from the packaging, to the watch face design, to the stunning second strap that comes as part of the watch purchase.

The watches are beautifully built, light and work well with a day or night look.

These watches are for practical, city living. They’re durable and can withstand what life throws at them while remaining effortlessly elegant!

☆ What We Loved ☆


Local Flavour


Stylish Design


Durable and Light

☆ We loved the different colour faces and straps, and the fact that it comes with a second strap to create different looks. ☆


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