Whether one is a professional barber or just a mere individual who prefers to cut their hair, it is always good to remember that they can do the job at home. However, that is only possible if they have a pair of quality clippers with them. These clippers that we are about to recommend are easy to use and will always save you from poorly done haircuts.

We can all agree that there is nothing more satisfying than saving money and doing a professional cut on your head at the same time. All you need is practice and help of choosing the perfect hair clipper to finish the job.

1.  Wahl Clipper Home Barber Kit #79524

This is one of the best clippers to use at the comfort of your house as they are of quality and also self-sharpening. The high-carbon steel blades enhance their durability. Moreover, the clipper is attached with all accessories for a professional haircut. It also has a powerful motor that clips your hair without fear of being snagged.

Wahl 79524 2501 Clipper 24 Piece Hard Case ChromePro - Personal Care

2.  Philips Norelco Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro

The Philips Norelco is a great choice regardless of whether you want to trim your hair to any level or to maintain a bald head. The clipper rotates at 180 degrees and therefore ensures that those hidden areas such as the back of your ears are easy to maneuver through. Moreover, it is cordless and thus useful to people who love traveling with their necessities in handy. You do not have to worry about power since the clipper has a powerful battery that gives one up to about an hour, enough time to have that cut done!

Besides having a rotating head that ensures a smooth and comfortable shave, the clipper is made of stainless steel blades that are long-lasting and easy to clean. Unfortunately, the clipper is not recommended if you have long and thick hair; it is perfect for those who want to maintain a bald or very short hair.

3.  Andis UltraEdge Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade

The Andis UltraEdge will give quality results when seated at home or while on the go. The cordless feature makes it perfect for travelers. The clipper also has a detachable blade, thus making it easier for cleaning. Since the blade is bulky, you can use a more compatible blade for more precision. For best results, ensure that the blades are oiled before and after every use.

4.  Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110

Just like the Philips Norelco clippers, if you want to wear the bald looks, Wahl Professional Balding clipper is the way to go. It has a strong electromagnetic motor and therefore has enough power to keep you shaving in case of a blackout. The clipper also comes with other features such as; 2 attached combs, instructions manual, blade oil, and cleaning brush.

Although it is more expensive than other clippers in the market, you cannot equate its proficiency to its competitors. Although you need a lot of practice to use this clipper, the professional cuts given will give you more reasons to learn how to use it.

5.  Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

This is an all-rounded clipper as you can use it either with the power code or cordless. Its other feature is that it is water-resistant and, therefore, easy to use when cleaning or under the shower. For more precision, it has an ergonomic grip to make it easy for handling.

6.  Panasonic ER1512 Professional Hair Clipper

This is a sleek and lightweight clipper that fits well in one hand. It is also cordless and, therefore, useful in all settings. The clipper is equipped with a powerful battery that can last up to 70 minutes when fully charged; it also takes an hour to be fully charged. Other useful attachments include the blade oil, cleaning brush, and six comb attachments. Although it is small in size, its precision and quality of work will always overwhelm you.

7.  Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

This is a clipper designed for beginners, easy to use. Although it has a powerful motor that ensures precision in cutting, it has been designed to ensure that no sounds are produced. It also has an extended power code for ease of use while in the room.

You don’t have to rely on someone to give you the perfect cut. To get more information and recommended products for self and professionals, check out  https://www.hairclippersclub.com/

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