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Regatta at the Royal Yacht Club

This was my view for most of the evening. Breath taking, calm and beautiful all at once. A view found exclusively at the revamped Regatta conference hall at the Royal yacht club in the Table Bay harbour.
My first thought when I saw this beautiful venue was the way I would walk into my wedding reception. Being a typical girly girl I couldn’t help myself. It’s so beautiful, you could almost imagine the entire reception from start to finish. White walls, fully equipped bathroom facilities, a bar that’ll make any one paying happy and a dance floor for those wanting to shake their tush well into the night. Just so you know I paid R22.50 for a drink and we all know that’s what they charged in the 90’s!


What a Fun Night Out

The launch provided us with some wonderful entertainment and the highlight for me was the fire dancers. All I could think of was the amount of talent that went into learning that skill because by now I would have burnt my hair off! These ladies showed off more than just their dancing skills, but their ability to attract a crowd as the place emptied out onto the deck the second they started their skit with admirers wanting to watch the show.
The outside seating is a nice area for those wanting to catch a “break” in between speeches and with a scenery like that I can assure you there will be more than just 1 break for many. Excellent for photographers, but even better for anyone hiring this venue for either a corporate event or a personal one.




Some of the beautiful prizes handed out was a trip for 2 to the Seychelles all expenses paid along with perfume and smaller get away packages. Sadly I did not win the fabulous prize, but we wish the winner the time of their life.

For more info do contact the Royal Yacht club, you will not be sorry ๐Ÿ˜‰

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