If I was the main character in the Truman Show, the last 18 months would have been the most epic showdown of Kath vs Lockdown.

Ok, maybe epic is a bit grandiose.

And, the producer would probably come along and rename it “Kath and her Leggings” anyway.

Truth be told, for the first few months of lockdown, shopping for leggings online was my major hobby (and the only clothing item I purchased).

When it comes to Women Clothing, leggings and I have what you might call a close personal relationship. Not just because they’re literally a second skin, but also because I’m obsessively attached to mine (and constantly on the hunt for new ones to add to my growing collection.)

Here are my tips:

Where to Shop

Superbalist is always my go-to. They have such a great collection of local and international brands, and with free delivery and returns for orders over R450, you can save yourself a fortune on courier fees.

Also, if you sign up for their newsletter, you get a head-up whenever they run promos, which can save you anything from 25 – 60% (and sometimes more!)

What to Look For

Because I have collected a range of leggings over the last few months, I like to think of myself as somewhat of an expert.

To me, there are three main types:

Home Only

These are your standard-issue thin cotton stretch leggings that don’t leave a lot to the imagination and feel like a hug for your legs. They’re also fine to wear if you have to pop out to the shops for milk, but you probably wouldn’t choose to run into your ex-boyfriend in a pair of them.


These are basically the best invention because you get the effects of wearing jeans without actually having to wear jeans. No more uncomfortable waistbands and you can wear them outside the house without fear of judgement (but also, let’s leave judgement in January 2020). Post-COVID is the ideal time to live our best jegging lives.

Biker Shorts

My inner 80’s child is loving this fashion come-back! Comfy elasticated biker shorts with an oversize tee to hide the ill-effects of a lockdown that’s had me and my fridge living in close proximity for too long.

Yoga Pants

I think we have lockdown to thank for the new, and significantly better, reality where yoga pants are considered clothes (or maybe it’s just me). But, whatever the length you choose, these flattering babies are my new best friend.

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