For way too long, young girls and boys felt insecure because of their appearances. The media regularly bombards the public with images of beautiful people, all of whom fit one mold: thin, tall, fair-skinned, straight-haired, and flawless. Ads on television, billboards, and magazines did not feature a lot of diversity when it comes to models which only reimposed the idea that there is only one standard of beauty which, for many, is unattainable.

However, the tides seem to be changing. Everywhere, businesses are choosing people of various shapes, sizes, age, gender, skin color, race, and religion to represent their brand. CoverGirl, a makeup brand, featured its first male endorser just a few years ago. Savage X Fenty, popstar-turned-entrepreneur Rihanna’s lingerie brand, promotes body positivity by featuring models, of all sizes, to walk its runway for two consecutive annual fashion shows now.

It is time to allow people to embrace differences and appreciate what they have been given. People have been suffering from a restrictive standard of beauty.

Hair is one of the most common issues among young people. They go through chemical procedures in order to straighten, curl, color, or bleach their crowning glory. This leads to damage which would take years for the hair to recover. It also leads to a loss of self-esteem.

Can people learn to love their hair? Find out below.

Life-Changing Magic of Finding the Right Hair Stylist

The first and most important tip that will give you the best hair you have ever had is to find a hairstylist whose vision and beliefs align with yours. Going to a natural hair salon, where the hairstylists know how to handle your specific hair texture and condition, can do wonders to your hair health.

You never will have to walk out feeling unsatisfied with your new haircut. An experienced hairstylist can make suggestions about which haircut can reduce the frizz among people with curly hair or create volume among people with straight hair. These things can make a world of difference because it makes the hair stylish and manageable without the use of heat or chemical procedures.

Follow People Who Look Like You

Filling your feed with photos of women who look nothing like you would only make you feel unattractive. Instead of realizing that you, too, are beautiful, you would want to change your appearance so you would look like the people you admire.

This will only fuel self-hate.

Unfollow all those influencers and seek out people who look just like you. On Pinterest and Instagram, typing keywords would usually bring you dozens of photos of people who have curly or straight hair. Seeing how happy other people are by embracing their appearance will also make you appreciate that your features deserve some love.

Look at the People Around You

You do not have to look far in order to see and appreciate diversity in beauty. The people you care about are gorgeous, too, and it is time that you, and everyone, acknowledge them.

Be generous with your compliments. If your sister spent hours prepping her hair, tell her that she looks good and you like how she styled her locks. When your mom feels unattractive, give her a break from doing house or office work and take her to your favorite hairstylist for a makeover.

Appreciating the people that you love, including how they look, will make you more positive about your own appearance.

Different people have different texture or color of hair. It should not be a cause of insecurity and, yet, it is. The rigid standard of beauty being upheld not just in the West, but all over the world, is making young people conscious and unhappy with their appearance. When they do not feel confident, it affects every aspect of their lives, including how they interact with others and whether they pursue a personal goal. It is time that people start loving themselves and appreciate that beauty is diverse.

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