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We all know how lucky we are to call Cape Town home. Everyone who has the privilege of living in our vibrant city is lucky by anyone’s standards. But as it turns out, some Capetonians are a little luckier than others. 

Cape Town is Home to the Biggest SA Lottery Winners

That’s right! One look at the lotto winning numbers history proves that the luckiest lottery-winning South Africans call Cape Town “home”. And we’re not just talking about one or two lucky individuals. Of the 14 highest winnings in South African lotto history, seven of them were won by Cape Town residents.

If those odds are anything to go by, your luck of winning the lotto will surely increase by 50% the moment you move to the Mother City. We’ll be sharing four success stories with you today to prove that anyone has a shot at winning the lottery. 

Let’s take a look at who these four lucky people are and what they did with their winnings.  

The Luckiest Capetonian of Them All Lived in Goodwood 

Can you even imagine winning R232,131,750.69? What dreams would you live out with that amount of money? Well for one Goodwood-based man in his fifties, his dreams became a reality on the 19th of February last year when the numbers he picked on his R22.50 ticket won the PowerBall jackpot.

Did he tell his boss goodbye? Or buy a big, shiny mansion nestled away somewhere in Llandudno? 

No, he didn’t. The man, who is arguably South Africa’s luckiest, stated that he had no intention of quitting his blue-collar job and would be spending his winnings on securing the best possible education for his children. 

One of the Four biggest Lotto Winners was Based in Ravensmead 

Four lucky individuals won their share of a R110,000,000 jackpot on the 27th of January 2018. One of the four, a 58-year old man, was a born and bred Ravensmead resident who took almost an entire year to come forward and walked away with his share of the winnings.

That’s 27.5 million bucks this gent won! Naturally, the chap wished for his identity to remain undisclosed and no further information was divulged.

Is he sipping umbrella-adorned cocktails on a tropical island somewhere or chasing Summer around the globe? In order to live vicariously through this mystery man, we sure hope so.  

A Cape Town woman won a R79,000,000 jackpot

If you’re looking for a heart-warming story, look no further than this. On the 4th of May 2019, a Capetonian woman won R79,000,000 in the Lotto. While we have no information other than the fact that she is indeed a she and that she lives in Cape Town, we wholeheartedly love this lady. Why?

One of the first things she did with her money was gift a cool R2,000,000 to a petrol attendant who had always been helpful and polite. After that most generous gift, she kept on giving. 

She paid for her daughter to quit her job working in a call centre and funded her dreams of studying psychology. What was the one thing this woman did for herself? She intended to purchase a bigger house with a garden for her grandson to enjoy. This woman is the gift that keeps on giving to those in her life.   

She Gave the Lotto a Go—and Won R58,000,000

A Cape Town woman received the most wonderful Mother’s Day gift anyone could dream of back in 2018. The woman, who was in her fifties at the time, was a firm PowerBall fan and only bothered with the Lotto that “one time” because of the huge jackpot. Which she won!  

This Cape Town native won R58,000,000 and we bet she thanks her lucky stars everyday that she decided to try her luck with the Lotto. 

What did this lucky lady do with her substantial winning? She continued working for another six months post-win and took early retirement thereafter. Hats off to you, Lady Luck!

Final Thoughts 

Although we are definitely green with envy, we’re glad that these people whose lives have been changed forever hail from Cape Town.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you adopt a secret double life or start living a whole new one altogether? All we can say is that our day will be filled with daydreams of winning a life-changing amount of money. 

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