When you’re getting a mani-pedi, a spa, or having your hair and makeup done, do you ever think that you’re tending to your health? Your internal organs are most probably the last thing in your mind while you’re pampering yourself, because indeed, what does skincare have to do with your daily nutrition intake?

But believe it or not, getting a makeover or religiously following a self-care routine leaves a significant impact on our overall health. Wearing sunscreen, for instance, prevents skin cancer and protects our skin from the other damages the UV rays can cause. Meanwhile, putting on makeup every day can boost our self-confidence and brighten our mood.

Those might initially sound superficial, but when it comes to our health, every little thing we put inside and outside our bodies count. Therefore, next time you think treating yourself to a full-on makeover satisfies nothing but your vanity, think again.

That said, here’s how makeovers and self-care routines relate to our overall health:

Our Skin is Our Protective Shield

Our skin is one of the largest organs in our body. As such, taking good care of it can directly affect our overall health. It is our protective shield against the elements, making it also highly vulnerable to various conditions. The following may hold a role in our skin health:

  • Radiation from UVand tanning beds
  • Chemical toxins in tobacco
  • Prolonged unprotected exposure to the sun
  • Insufficient rest, fluids, or nutrition
  • Aging

If your skin is dry, it could be a case of eczema, general dryness, or the climate. Eczema has immunological, environmental, and genetic components, and is also related to asthma and allergic rhinitis. So if you’re dealing with this condition, taking extra care of your skin may also alleviate your other symptoms.

Acne breakouts, especially in adults, are usually caused by hormonal imbalances, and worsened by stress. Hence, treating yourself to facials and healthy food won’t just benefit your skin, but also your well-being.

The dark circles underneath your eyes can also be a sign of a nutrient deficiency, lack of hydration, or sleep deprivation. And needless to say, those three can lead to other health issues, so by noticing your dark circles and treating them immediately with rest, hydration, and a healthy diet, you’d avoid the potential complications that would’ve followed through.

Our skin can also show signs of more serious health conditions, such as skin cancer, overactive thyroid, psoriasis, diabetes, lupus, or a bleeding disorder. Though skin treatments aren’t the solutions to those, it shows that our skin can protect us from worsened symptoms and conditions because they send us warnings early on.

Skincare and Makeovers Benefit Our Mental Health

You don’t have to suffer from a skin issue to get a facial or to don a full-coverage foundation. As long as it makes you feel good, you’re doing both your skin and your mental health a favor.

A daily skincare routine provides stability in your day. It is always predictable, which makes you feel secure and comforted, especially in these trying times. Routines in general feel good, as they anchor us to our day and give us a sense of accomplishment.

Tending to your skin, whether you’re cleansing it or applying makeup to it, allows you to focus on something good, keeping you away from a worry spiral. This is especially helpful for people with depression and anxiety, who report an aggravated condition 30 minutes before going to bed. Hence, if you engage in a relaxing activity before sleeping, such as completing your skincare routine or copying a new, interesting makeup look (and washing your face afterward of course), it will fill in your idle time and make you sleep feeling better.

Your skincare routine also allows you to practice mindfulness. The simple act of splashing water to your face already engages your senses, the effect of which doubling when you start lathering a cleanser all over your skin. The soothing sensations help buffer depression and anxiety because it unhooks your brain from all your worries and unhealthy thinking patterns.

Trying out new skincare products, like the famed jade roller, also boosts your mental health because of the excitement it stimulates. The jade roller, after all, claims to reduce stress, which will improve your skin and overall health in turn. But whether it has that effect or not, simply massaging your face with it feels luxurious, relaxing, and fun.

Various makeovers, such as getting a new haircut, dyeing your hair, or whitening your teeth, also gives a self-confidence boost and improves the way you see yourself. If you whiten your teeth using anLED teeth whitening or bleaching kit, for example, you may even get a thrill just from experiencing the product alone.

In this age where self-care and mental health are starting to be valued as much as physical health, it’s time to feel prouder of yourself for taking a break just to relax and pamper yourself. So when you feel like having an indulgent me-time, make the most of it by going back to reality in style.

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