The US is a top destination for tourists and expats. The country is rich in culture and diversity. With its popularity, it is normal to assume that you know a lot about America. Aside from the fact that the USA is an English-speaking country, there is so much you don’t know.

In this article, we’ll be revealing exciting things that an expat needs to know before migrating to the US. Keep reading!

No Underage Drinking

In the US, you can only drink when you turn 21. It’s not just written in books, people strictly adhere to the laws. If you are not up to age, you can’t buy beer or other alcoholic beverages. US drinking laws are so stringent that in Indiana, alcohol is not sold on Sundays.

Americans Prioritize College Sports

College sports are important to locals. Every weekend, schools successfully attract a lot of spectators to their big venues. Unlike other countries that focus on club sports, Americans prefer local sports. Even though college sports have fewer sponsors, they often attract a lot of local fans. They even love their style of football the more—American Rugby Football.

Trains are a No-No

Americans rarely patronize the trains. Train stations are almost empty. Why? The rail system is terrible. The trains in America are slow and expensive. Instead of trains, Americans prefer to use cars or planes to travel the interstate. It will surprise you to learn that flights are cheaper than trains.

Large Food Portions

Everything here is big. The meal size is also large. It should not come as a surprise when you see the size of the meals here. From Burgers to Spaghetti, the food portion is large. In fact, Americans consume more calories than any other people. The people here have enormous appetites.

Right-Hand Driving

America is one of the many countries that drive on the right. They build their vehicles with steering on the right. If you are used to driving on the left, you might find it challenging to blend.

Americans Love Their Guns

Two centuries ago, Americans were allowed to own and bear arms. Since then, they cannot detach from their guns. Many Americans associate gun ownership with freedom. Due to this, gun control has not been successful here. So, when you arrive in the US, don’t freak out when you learn everyone in your hood owns a gun.

Be Prepared to Work

In a capitalist state, work is crucial. America is one country where employers are not mandated to give holidays. Fortunately, many businesses give Paid time off (PTO).

In many other countries, you’ll be entitled to a 3-6weeks leave, plus other National holidays. It is not the same here. Holidays in the US are capped at 21days.

No Free Healthcare

You have to pay for private healthcare. However, as a skilled employee, your company will provide for you. But, keep in mind that companies only provide free healthcare for full-time employees.

Ambulance medics will always ask for your health care provider. Hence, it will be wise to always keep your insurance card in your wallet or purse.

Every State is Unique

No two states in the US are the same. There are significant regional differences in the US. The accents are different. The local laws are different too. Just because Cannabis is legal in Oregon, does not imply you should go smoking weed in Louisiana. Even though Mississippi residents are big on religion, Vermont residents don’t think this way.

The climate conditions in each state differ too. For instance, the warmest month in San Francisco, California, is colder than the coldest month in Miami, Florida. So, when migrating, consider these disparities. To know about these differences, it will be best to consult US lawyers for immigration.

Not Tipping is a Deal Breaker

Tipping is a thing in the US. It’s a known fact that restaurant workers and hotel workers don’t receive the best salaries. Hence, it is necessary to tip attendants.

Keep in mind that tipping is optional. However, you’ll come off as rude and unappreciative if you don’t tip. If you don’t want to see the smile of your waiter go cold, tender a few dollars. Tips should be 15-20% of your total bill. Don’t forget to tip the taxis and hotel boys.

Final Thoughts

From American movies, you may think you know a lot about Americans. However, there is a lot you don’t know. To help you avoid cultural shock, we’ve highlighted some of the major things about the US.  You should also be ready to adapt to other US cultures not listed here.

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