If you are a multiple sport tourist, you should add Cape Town, South Africa, to your bucket list. Cape Town is regarded as the multi-sport Mecca because it is the only destination that hosts Football, Rugby, Cricket, and Netball (soon) World Cups. Being a sporting city, you will also find many sports betting enthusiasts wagering on different sports events. Studies reveal they also love betting from their mobile devices, so you might want to install your Betway app to share in the fun when you get there! Please read on to discover how you can make the most of your multi-sport tour in South Africa.

South Africa is the perfect sports tour destination, especially for commonwealth nations, because it is English speaking and the time difference is negligible. Moreover, most South African schools and clubs play major UK sports to an extraordinary standard and have top-drawer facilities.

Cape Town – The Multi-Sport Mecca

Cape Town is popularly known as the Multi-Sport Mecca and deservedly so. It offers an unbelievable experience because come 2023, it will be the only destination ever to host World Cups of different sports that you can bet on the Betway app, including Football, Rugby, Cricket, and Netball.

Besides its world-class sporting facilities, you can also enjoy a trip to Table Mountain or Robben Island to get a perspective of the destination. Alternatively, if you want to discover more about the African adventure, you can choose to stay at a nearby game lodge. Whether you wish for pro-training or you just want a simple and relaxed week away, Cape Town will not disappoint you.

Cape Town has an unmatched sports legacy, having hosted three different World Cups. This means it enjoys top-drawer sporting facilities and infrastructure you can hardly find anywhere else in Africa. The city’s love for sports will also see it host the 2023 Netball World Cup.

A 10-day Itinerary

Day 1 – Depending on your current location, schedule your flight to ensure you arrive in Cape Town in good time.
Day 2 – Assuming you took an overnight flight, you will arrive in Cape Town in the morning and transfer to your accommodation.
In the afternoon, you can do some light training as you acclimatize. Your tour agency will probably treat you to a first-night welcome party!
Day 3 – By now, you have acclimatized! Start the day with a visit to the Nelson Mandela Stadium. Your tour agency has probably scheduled a match so you can join the team for the first fixture. Later in the evening, you can join your team for a team meal.
Day 4 – This is a day of discovery! Take a trip to the Table Mountain and enjoy views before descending by cable car. Finish your day with a team meal. You can also play quiz night with your team before going to sleep.
Day 5 – Visit Langa Township, where you will enjoy a guided tour and an opportunity to participate in outreach activities.
Day 6 – Go to the V & A Waterfront for sightseeing in the morning and Robben Island in the afternoon. You can also enjoy a team meal at the V & A Waterfront.
Day 7 – Visit Cape Peninsula and make a stop at the Boulders Beach in the afternoon.
Day 8 – Move to the Aquila Game Reserve and take a game drive in the afternoon.
Day 9 – Take a game drive early in the morning and transfer to the airport later in the afternoon.
Day 10 – Land back in your home country.

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