Neetlingshof Wines
Neetlingshof Wines

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon at a food and wine pairing to introduce the departure of Neethlingshof from Distel.

The wine from German descent felt it was time to go back to their roots and to expand the vision they had for the future on a more independent basis. This was obviously done in the classiest of ways by hosting a tasting at Tjing Tjing to celebrate.

The beautiful decor of this trendy establishment set the tone for the afternoon to be expected and with a 4 course meal to die for, we were most certainly in for a treat. Our welcoming drink was the 2015 Chenin blanc and from the first glad it for the table taking. With the weather being so sunny, a chilled glass of wine was exactly how the afternoon should have started. An even blend of Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay and Gewürtztraminer is what makes up this delicious pale green wine. It’s rich in flavours of guava and pear with an aroma that remains throughout the glass.

Our first course arrived alongside the Six Flowers blended white, excellent for seafood or a light salad. It’s a very spicy wine with hints of clove and aniseed and a less fruity aroma. The tannins were low and it was a great combination for the oyster, sashimi and nigiri we had as our starter.
Our second wine was the 2015  Owls Post pinotage serve alongside the venison carpaccio. It’s a young wine only being a 2015, but give it a few years and you’ll game a fantastic vintage to serve at the dinner table. It’s also am excellent wine to serve with a rich desert or with a chocolate platter for a girls night in.

The Caracal red blend was served with beef fillet and has a very interesting story to accompany itself to the dinner table. This red finds it’s vineyards amongst islands of Renosterveld to give shelter to the Caracal cat, which had been brought back into conservation on the farm. This is just another way Neethlingshof has tried to even out the biosphere and create balance in the eco system on the estate.

Lastly there was the The Maria which was served alongside a heavenly orange and spiced fruit créme brulee. I must admit I was never a fan of this desert until I had it with the wine. It girly is heaven in your mouth. I was seconds away from licking the bowl because this combination was just so perfect. The Maria is a fruity wine with rich honey and marmalade and given the ingredients in the desert it was a match made in heaven.  I could picture this as a great sorbet companion or even a cheese platter with a variety of cheeses and jams.  If you’re looking for a new desert, do give this a try!

To end off our afternoon we has one of the best vintage wines I have ever tasted abs probably because the wine is almost as old as I am. A 1989 Pinotage was brought to the table as a thank-you for our attendance and with gifts like that, one can be certain that not only does the Neethlingshof estate being great flavour to lunch, but they also add style. My suggestion: go get a bottle, let it mature and wait for a special occasion to celebrate.


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