Le Chauffeur Alcohol-Free IPA

Le Chauffeur Alcohol-Free IPA

Product Year2018
ContactMarc Fourie
Phone+27 (079) 164 3798
LinkLe Chauffeur Alcohol-Free IPA

German imported alcohol-free IPA

CapeTownInsider’s Review

This is great timing – with a baby on the way I’ve been trying out the non-alcoholic beers available and I haven’t loved them. But the Nittenauer marks a welcome departure from the tasteless yet bitter alcohol free options and is surprisingly malty and hoppy – I’ll definitely be repurchasing this gem!

IPAs are often very high in alcohol. With Le Chauffeur Non-Alcholic IPA you can enjoy and appreciate the flavour profiles over and over again.

The hop varieties Simcoe and Mosaik give the beer unique fruity notes. Tropical fruits rise at the first smell on the glass in the nose. Malty, hoppy . . . and delicious.

IPA enthusiasts and drinkers with a low tolerance but have an appreciation for beer flavours.

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